Pra Ngang Siarn Laem - Fang Tapu (coffin nail) + Takrut Ngern Koo (2 Takruts in sacred powder base) - Nuea Loha - Ajarn Kom Traiwaes - Price includes postage

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Pra Ngang Siarn Laem (spiked crown)with coffin nail and two silver takrut inserted into sacred powders in the base. Price includes free Airmail delivery.

Made from Nuea Loha (sacred iron alloys). Made in 2552 BE. The statue is aimed at Maha sanaeh Metta magic to increase your attraction power and make the hearts of those you desire too weak to resist you.

Laymaster amulets are indeed the most powerful spells for love attractors and controlling the hearts of others (Maha sanaeh, Jang Ngang etc), whereas monk amulets will be strong with safety and auspicious blessings. Although monks do make Maha Sanaeh amulets, it is more possible for Lay Masters to invoke stronger spells because a Monk is forbidden to do something against the will of another, so the charms will be more passive and dependent on your own efforts than the ones from Laymasters.

The Pra Ngang Maha sanaeh Deity, if not representing the Buddha, and indeed representing a Ngang (some Ngang statues are actually Ayuttaya representations of a Buddha in the forest), is more of an Animist than a Buddhist Deity, and is very apt for sexual attraction, and making people fall in love with you. Gamblers also like this amulet and seem to find luck with it.

Size; 9Cm high, 5 Cm wide and 2.3 Cm deep

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