Pra Pid Ta Hlang Yant Duang Boran Nuea Gesorn 3 Solid Silver Takrut LP To Wat Pradoo Chimplee 125th Anniversary Edition Wat Tham Singto Tong 125 Monks Blessing

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Classic Pra Pid Ta Hlang Yant Duang Boran (Buddha covering eyes with ancient round Yantra on rear face). This is the classic 'Ngern Larn' model in Sacred Herbal Pollens; 'Nuea Gesorn' with only 2,125 amulets made in this version. The Pra Pid Hlang Yant Duang Boran and Pra Pid Ta Hlang Yant Na Boran, are the most famous 'Pra Pid Ta' type amulets of Luang Phu To. The Pra Pid Ta Hlang Yant Na Boran, is inscribed with the Sacred Agkhara letter 'Na' on rear face, and the Pid Ta Hlang Yant Duang Boran, has a round Yantra design. This is the 'Ngern Larn' shaped larger more rounded version, which is the version which carries the Yant Duang Boran on the rear face. This model is more preferred by Men, due to its larger size.

The edition was made by the Look Sit (Devotees) of Luang Phu To of the district of Ban Jom Beung, in Collaboration with 125 Masters from around Thailand of the LP To tradition, & the Temple of Wat Tham Sindgto Tong . It was decided to make the special edition and use the long guarded Sacred Powders of Luang Phu To, in this 125th Anniversary year. This was of course, to honor of their Kroo Ba Ajarn and Lineage Master who passed on both Wicha pra Pid Ta, and some of his famous Sacred Powders to the Looksit who are now the Masters of Wat Tham Sing To Tong, which is considered as one of the top three 'Family relations' Temple of Luang Phu To (Wat Pradoo Chimplee). The temple was built by LP To after he was taken there to the sacred cave to meditate, and decided it was a perfect place to build a temple based on applied real practice of Vipassana Kammathana.

Size of Pid Ta Hlang Yant Duang Boran (Plod Nee) ; 3.2 x 2.5 Cm - 2125 made.

This 125th Anniversary edition of Master Class Memorial Amulets for the Avid devotee and Collector of the Luang Pu To Pantheon of amulets, these are destined to enter the History Books as a Classic, and one day immensely rare to finmd edition of amulets.

The amulets were made in extremely high quality olden days casting and pressing methods and only made in very small numbered edition. The amulets are easily authenticated at first glance with their high quality and hard to reproducs Muan sarn Sacred powders, real solid silver Takrut, secret code stamps hidden within the design features, and series numbers embossed.

The reason for this Auspicious Edition was to Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Pra Racha Sangworapimon 'Luang Phu To Intasuwanno Thaera', of Wat Pradoo Chimplee ( 27 March 2430 BE – 5 March 2524), which was sponsored by the Look Sit (Devotees) of Luang Phu To of the district of Ban Jom Beung, in Collaboration with the Temple of Wat Tham Sindgto Tong (Temple of the Golden Lion).

The edition is so that We can Remember the Merits and Great Patipata (Diligent Practice) of the Great Master Luang Phu To, and to think back to the Time when he was alive and remember his Great deeds. The amulets and Bucha statues were made to give to the Devotees who made Merits during the great Celebration of the Anniversary, and most of the Edition was snapped up directly at the Temple after the Ceremony.

Luang Phu To was a Great Monk whose practice was said to be very full of Grace and Auspicious Merit, Generosity and Purity, Diligence and Effort. Thai Buddhist People have Great Faith In Luang Phu To, and many different models of his amulets are found amongst those in the list of Miracle Amulets of Great Fame. His amulets are amongst the most sought after of the 'Chan Yord Niyom' Category (Top Class High End Collector Class Amulets, only accessible to the most Wealthy Collector).

The Three Takrut are Finest Pure Solid Silver Takrut

The Pra Pid Ta Hlang Yant Duang Boran and Hlang Na Duang Boran, are perhaps one of the top 5 sought after amulets of all Thai Amulets, The Rian Pat Yod Boran, The Rian Roop Khai Boran, and of course the small round 'Rian Lor Meg' amulet. His Pra Somdej 13 Pim first edition amulets are also now becoming ever rarer and extremely expensive to afford.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

His Pid Ta amulets have many different Pim and made both at Wat Pradoo, and also at smaller temples in smaller editions, some of which are affordable and others which are most difficult to afford, for their rarity, miracle tales, and popularity. Very much also a Business Person's amulet, the Pra Pid Ta has been famously seen around the neck chains of Millionaires who claim that the powers of the Pid Ta have changed their fortunes, and played a part in their successes.

Buddha Abhiseka - Putta Pisek Ceremony

Luang Phu To was the Abbot of Wat Pradoo Chjimplee from 2546 BE to 2524 BE, for over 68 Years, until his passing. The Temple of Wat Pradoo is since then till now attended to and presided over by his successor,Pra Kroo Wirote Gittikun .

125 Monks were present to Chant the Buddha Abhiseka and Bless this 125th Anniversary Edition range of statues and amulets.

Comes in original box. In Nuea Gesorn, 3125 amulets were made of these 125th Anniversary masterpiece amulets, which are destined to become Ultra Collectible Essential rarities. Our advice; Get one while you can.

Luang Phu To - Wat Pradoo Chimplee

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