Pra Pid Ta Mai Koon (Mai Payung Gae) - Rare hand carved Pid Ta amulet from 2 sacred Woods with solid silver Tagrud Ngern Sethee collectors set - Pra Ajarn Ji Somdjidto

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Pra Pid Ta Mai Koon Mai Payung Gae - Rare hand carved Pid Ta amulet from 2 sacred Woods, along with a solid silver Tagrud Ngern Sethee, in one collectors box set - made by Pra Ajarn Ji Somdjidto - Wat Nong Hwa Petchburi - This special limited hand made collectors set was released in 2551 BE.  Made from two different kinds of sacred woods spliced together, this amulet was then hand carved as 'Pra Pid Tawarn' (Pra Pid Ta with 4 or 6 arms) as a special limited hand made edition of Maha Lap amulets for riches, auspicious living, and protection. The amulet comes as a set with a solid pure silver Tagrud scroll with a spell for riches on it. The Tagrud is called 'Tagrud Sethee Ngern', and is a powerful spell to attract riches.

Extremely few number of these hand carved Pid Ta and silver Tagrud sets were made, making this a one off opportunity to acquire this rare individually hand carved and empowered set. The amulets were empowered over a Dtraimas period (3 months of nightly empowerment with meditation and chanting of spells and mantras. It cannot be exaggerated how rare to acquire this pair of amulets are.

Very suitable for both Ladies and Men.

Wear the Pid Ta amulet around your neck and wear the tagrud in a tube on a belt or in your pocket, for a double combination of riches attraction and Metta Mahaniyom.

These Pid Ta amulets are also endowed with Maha Ud and Kong Grapan Chadtri magic

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