Pra Pikanes ฺBoroma Sukh (Pang Gaw Na) - Luang Por Pramote - Wat Khao Changum

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These lockets were made in a very small amount not more than 79 made. Three different postures were made all with gold covered face (Chak Tong). The first is this walking one (Gaw Na), for success and advancement

The second locket made was four armed sitting on throne (dtimuckhanabadt) for riches, and the third posture was laying on a dais (Boroma Sukh) for Happiness. This amulet is a small to medium size and is thus suitable for both Male and Female devotees of Pikanesh and/or LP Pramote. The rear face is embedded with precious stone and magical elements, including a pellet of the extremely elusive 'Ya Wasana Jinda Manee' as well as some Lek Lai.

Luang Por Pramotes amulets are a matter of preference for those who know his magic charms, and have enjoyed the true noticeable effects of his amulets, which are made with authentic and rare ingredients which are not to be found in the commonplace amulet. His amulets are made according to the Tru Wicha and ancient formulas, and using the best artists and materials to make high quality amulets for discerning people. Thailand-Amulets.Net recommends and supposts LP pramote and his temple and believes in the magical qualities and amazing beauty of his amulets, as both a source of magical power as well as being high end Religious Art that is hard to find comparison

Comes in original Box.

Kata Pra Pikanes;

Om Sri Kanesa Ya Na Ma Ha

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