Pra Pong Kong Chay Chum Pim Hnaa Lek 2512 BE Niyom - Ultra Rare amulet - Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree & Pra Ajarn Kong

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Pra Pong Kong Chay Chum Pim Hnaa Lek 2512 BE - Pra Niyom preferred model of an already Classic and Ultra rare amulet series from the great Khao Or Masters Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree and Pra Ajarn Kong of Wat Ban Suan

The amulet features the images of Ajarn Kong (on one side, and Pra Ajarn Tong Tao of Wat Khao or on the other side. Ajarn Tong Tao is the Boromajarn root Lineage Master of the world famous Khao Or magical tradition of South Thailand, and the founder of the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy of Sorcery.

Ajarn Tong Tao - Wat Khao Or

Above; Ajarn Tong Tao - Wat Khao Or

This is said to have been the most powerful magical lineage of Masters in all Thailand, of all time. Especially in those days, the Lineage and the Samnak was one single Lineage, and extremely powerful.

This edition of amulet was made in three Pim in total; Pim Khun Phaen, Pim Song Hnaa (two faced, with Ajarn Kong and Ajarn Tong Tao, which were again sub-divided into two different block press designs 'Hnaa Yai' and 'Hnaa Lek'), and the Pra Pong Pim Taep Nimit. This Pim Hnaa Lek is the rarest of the Kong Chay Chum two sided models, and is an extremely difficult amulet to find anywhere these days.

Above; Pra Ajarn Kong - Wat Ban Suan

The Pim Hnaa Lek (Niyom) model, is distinguished for the slightly smaller facial features and the finer yellow toned coloured Muan Sarn Sacred Powders, which resulted in a more smooth appearance to the amulet.

The amulets were made using 'Pong Gon Gru 108 Gru' - this is powder from 108 different 'Gru' (or 'Kru' if you like - a Gru is a Chedi or other secret burial place where monks and master amulet makers will hide the amulets, to be later found and distributed as objects of faith and continuation of the Buddha Sasana).

Pra Kong Chay Chum Ancient Amulet

This sacred powder of 108 Gru was made by Ajarn Kong and famous Lay Master, Ajarn Chum Chay Kiree, which they had been empowering and chanting into since the war till the time they made the amulets. The powders included 500 types of sacred magical ingredients, including; Pong Ittijae, Pong Dtinisinghae, Pong Yant Bpatamang, Pong Yant Normo Pra Intr.

Ajarn Chum, who was so very Adept in Khom Agkhara spells and the Sacred Geometry of Yant, made a three month ceremony of constructing a Yant (Piti Chak Yant). The Sangha then gave the special powder the Name 'Pra Pong Wised Kong Chay Chum'

Pra Ajarn Kong Wat Ban Suan

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All three Ajarns made the amulets with pure heart to distribute to the devotees who came to make merit in the ceremony for the building of the Uposadha shrine room of Wat Ban Suan. The ceremony began with Pra Ajarn Kong (Wat Ban Suan), Ajarn Chum began 'Pratap Song' (let the Deity, or spirit of Kroo Ba Ajarn lineage enter him).

Many people attended, and even many Lay Ajarns in white attended (over a hundred). The first amulets were pressed about 10:00 am, and after about 20 amulets were pressed,.

Ajarn Chum entered into trance and became the spirit of a young boy, who then ordered to take the amulets that had been pressed down and to shoot at them with a gun to see what happened.

What happened then, was that the local village chieftain (Local 'Gamnan' of Tambon Makok Nuea), Mister Pum Sema Tong, took the amulets which were still wet down from the press, and stuck one on the trunk of a tree behind the Uposadha shrine room. He then ordered Mr. Nueang Paetch Suwan to shoot at it with his .32mm revolver, with all the crowd looking onwards in astonishment at what was happening. He shot three shots, but not one single bullet would shoot from the gun. Not one shot went off.

The amulets were given Puttapisek empowerment between Friday 1st to Saturday the 9th May 2513 (a nine day ceremony). Almost all of the amulets were in white sacred powder, but for some reason, a very few were made in black powder, but so few that they are an extreme rarity to find one at all.

Pra Ajarn Tong Tao Wat Khao Or

Above; Pra Ajarn Tong Tao Wat Khao Or

There were two block presses which were slightly different images; Hnaa Lek, and Hnaa Yai (small or large face). Both are extremely rare, but the 'Hnaa Lek' is even more rarer to find than the Hnaa Yai.

A classic famous and miraculous amulet which was put to the test in front of hundreds of onlookers, and passed the test of power. Made from one of the greatest and most powerful laymasters of all time, who was Ajarn to many a great Master Monk in Wicha Saiyasart.

Amazing! the famous creator of the Jatukam Ramathep phenomenon - Khun Pant joins in an amulet empowerment ceremony with Ajarn Chum

Above Image; Amazing! the famous creator of the Jatukam Ramathep phenomenon - Khun Pantaraks Rachadech joins in amulet empowerment ceremony with Ajarn Chum

Below, famous ceremony and show of magic by Ajarn Chum.

Below; Ajarn Chum, Khun Pantaraks Rachadej (creator of the Jatukam Ramathep amulet), and other masters performing amulet blessings and empowerments.

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