Pra Pong Luang Phu To - Wat Pradu Chimplee 2523 BE

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Pra Pong Roop Hmuean Hlang Na - Luang Phu To - Wat Pradoo Chimplee 2523 BE. Luang Phu To amulets are amongst the most preferred and collectible amulets in serious collector circles.

The front face depicts an image of Luang Phu To, and a Sacred Na spell is emblazoned on the rear face.This small kanaen size sacred powder amulet in the image of LP To is a perfect size for ladies or children to wear, and is pure Puttakun (Buddhist white Magic).

The Pong Puttakun sacred powders can be seen rising up on the surface of the sacred amulet, a typical occurrence with powder amulets that have been made with extremely powerful and rich sacred powder mixtures, and recieved powerful authentic blessings. The sacred content of amulets from LP To are a large part of what has made his amulets so rare and famous (and expensive) for the large number of success stories and miracle events connected with amulets of LP To are in such high numbers, that there is no room left for doubt as to their sacred power.

Magical properties; Serm Duang, Kong Grapan, Choke Lap

LP To is one of the preceding Generations of top ten Thai Guru Masters.

Available with Transparent Waterproof Casing if wished

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