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Pra Pong Somdej Suwattano 2554 Yor -Sor-Sor Wat Bovornives (YSS Pra Sangkaracha Royal Commission edition amulets with the traditional sacred casting of the Pra Kring amulet at Wat Bovornives). Blessed by teh Sangkaracha himself and a host of othe rgreat and Important Monks of National Fame and Repute. The Pra Somdej Suwattano was released in the 'Pra Kring Suwattano edition in 2556 BE, with the purpose of the construction of the Vihara Putta Mongkol Weluwan shrine room, and to finance the education of Samanera Novice Monks at Wat Weluwan, in Beung Garn Province.

The Somdej Sacred Pong Puttakun powder amulet is made in the likeness of the Pra Kring Suwattano Pra Paisachaya Kuru Buddha Image, which was released in the same edition.

Pra Somdej Kring Suwattano Thai Buddhist Sacred powder Amulet

This edition of Pra Kring and Pra Somdej amulets was given the name 'Suwattano Edition'. This Sacred and Historic Pra Somdej from Wat Bovornives, was blessed in Grand Ceremony, at Wat Borvornives at 13:19 on the 24th September 2554 BE, which was the chosen Astrological Moment for the Auspicious Ceremony to be held.

rear side of Pra Somdej Kring Suwattano

The beliefs about the Powers of the Pra Kring Wat Bovornives, are that the Pra Kring is the image of Pra Pai Sachaya Kuru (พระไภษัชยคุรุ Bhaisajyaguru, 藥師佛/薬師 Yàoshīfó, in Chinese, or in Japanese Yakushi 薬師瑠璃光如来 Yakushirurikō Nyorai, Phật Dược Sư, Dược Sư Lưu Li Quang Phật, Yaksayeorae, Yaksabul (약사여래, 약사불)). Pra Pai Sachaya Kuru (or, 'Guru) is of course, the Medicine Buddha. The image is normally in the posture of sitting and holding an almsbowl or a Guava, Gourd or a Vajra. This was a Fully enlightened Buddha, who practised Purity of body and mind, and who was a great teacher of Human Beings, who has the Miracle that he who hears his name in passing, or see his image, will be healed, and live a long healthy and prosperous life with wealthy standing.

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The Pra Kring Buddha, or 'Bhaisajyaguru' is one of Seven Bhaisajayagurus and is said to have two Bodhisattvas under him 'Pra Suriya Bprapaa Potisat' (Suriya Bhrapa Bodhksattva), and the Pra Jantra Bprapaa Potisat (Chandra Bhrapa Bodhisattva).

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Thai Buddhist Amulets

This is the root of the Pra Kring Amulet's legend till now, which was thought up and created in Thailand. It is only made here in Thailand. Of all the other Buddhist countries who revere it, only Thailand is responsible for its making.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The Pra Kring in most cases (except in the odd example where Muan Sarn powders prevent the sound), the Pra Kring Bovores most famous amulet, and those of Wat Bovornives especially, for their Royal Sangkaracha Blessing, has a rattling bead inside it.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The reason for this rattle sound, made by a sacred bead of Chanuan Muan Sarn or other Relic, is that it is the Name of the medicine Buddha resounding as you pass along your way, Healing and Blessing You with Safety, Health, Prosperity, Metta for Auspicous Friendly Loving Kindness.

The Piti Te Tong Nam Rerk (Sacred Casting Cermony with the pouring of Gold into the Sacred Alchemical Alloys in the Pra Kring molds, was held on the 20th August 2554 BE. The Auspicous Time for the Ceremony to begin was set by the Astrologers at 15:15 P.M.

Sacred casting ceremony for Pra Kring Suwattano amulets in 2554 BE at Wat Bovornives

The Putta Pisek (Buddha Abhiseka) Blessing and Empowerment Ceremony, preceded with the Brahman Piti Buan Suang Taep to revere and call upon the Devas and Angelic Deities to assist was performed on the 24th September 2554 BE at 15:19 P.M. at Wat Bovornives Voraviharn Temple.

 pictures of Thai Buddhist Amulets Buddha Abhiseke empowerment blessing ceremony

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