Pra Prohm (Brahma) - Nuea Pong Toop Kammathan (incense powders of Forest monks meditations) Roey Ploi (precious stone inserts in rear face) - Luang Por Bun Gerd - Wat Khao Din (Chainat)

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Pra Pong Maha Prohm - Nuea Pong Toop Kammathan Roey Ploi - Luang Por Gerd Bandito - wat Khao Din (Chainat)

The Wicha of making and empowering Brahma Deities is one of LP Bun Gerds most famous and respected Wichas. This Brahma amulet is made from powders of incenses used by Kammathana Forest ascetic monks in their meditations, mixed with precious stones inserted in the rear face, which is embossed with a sacred Yantra spell (Na Dtalok), which is a Metta Mahaniyom spell to make people like you and fall for you. The fiur items in the hands of brahma endow you with four aspects of beneficial blessings. Popularity and beloved, Protection from dangers and evil, Wealth, Happiness, and success.

Brahma amulet in sacred powder with precious stone inserts

Of his top three Wicha, we would say, for he does indeed master several other methods of powerful amulet making. Stainless steel casing is included in the price.

prescious stones are embedded in the rear face of the amulet

This sacred powder amulet has been empowered using the Wicha of Luang Phu Sukh (Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao), which LP Bun Gerd inherited as a student. smal fragments of ruby and other precious stone are inserted.

Luang Por Bun gerd learned Wicha as a Looksit of Luang Phu Sukh (Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao), and used this wicha to create a four faced Brahma Deity statuette for auspicious blessings and protection, and increase the positive results in life using the power of Metta Mahaniyom.

The Brahma is a four faced Deity who is facing in all four Cardinal directions, causing frends, helpful offers, customers and money to flow from all directions towards you. If you notice in Thailand, Brah,a statues are always placed at intersections or in places where public gatherings are. This is because the Brahma Deity shrine will attract people from all four directions, due to the immense Metta which radiates from an activated and truly involed Brahma Deity. 

Luang Por Bun Gerd


Luang Por Bun Gerd Bandito was the source of faith, comfort and assistance to the people of Chainat in the early part of this Century as there were many bandits and thives, as well as poverty and sickness in the area, and in that time of great trouble, it was Luang Por Bun Gerd who assisted the locals in whatever their difficulties were, and found solutions to ease their ,minds and heavy hearts. be it stolen cattle or livestock, or poverty, sickness or simply worries, he would always do what he could to solve the problems of the folk.

Luang Por Bun gerd blessing amulets

For this, he has been loved and revered since his ordination in 2495 BE, and continues to be looked up to as their Great Master to the present day. More than half a centruty as a Bhikkhu serving living beings with his goodness, and miracle amulets, have led this Master to become one of this Centuries great Guru Monks, and a legend in the Province of Chainat

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