Pra Putta Chinarat 'Jom Rachan' (Warrior King) Edition 2555 BE Wat Pra Sri Radtana Maha Taat

The Jom Rachan Edition of amulets were made as Coin and Loi Ongk Statuettes in a large number of different combinations of Sacred and Precious Metal substances. These Metals were Alchemically smelted to form Sacred Metal Amulets in two Major design Forms; Loi Ongk Statuettes, and some beautiful Coin Amulets with the Chinarat Buddha on the front face.

The Coin type amulets were made using the 'Ba Chalu Saam Midti' technique which is becoming the new Standard Bearer for Buddha and Monk coin amulets. the Ba Chalu method also uses a Multi-Piece binding of segmented separate parts to make into the coin.

This serves very well in preventing any Forgers from attempting to copy the amulets (due to the high expense of the fabrication methods of a 3 or 4 piece amulet), as well as lifting the level of detail and depth, and artistic decoration possible with Thai Minature Buddhist Arts (amulets).

The front face features the Image of the Buddha Chinarat, one of Thailand's Most Sacred and Beautiful Buddha Images, in Pitsanuloke. The rear face features The Warrior King who Unified the warlords, and became King and Founder of the Kingdom of Thailand through his Bravery and Merits - Pra Naresuan Maharaj

The rear side of the Arch shows the infinitely accurate Artisanry with the five symbols of Unalome (top), and the four Khom Syllables of the Kata 'Pu Ta Sang Mi' embossed into the other four points of the rear side of the arch.

Apart from the Fine Artisanry, the Concept behind the design of this Buddha Chinarat Image considered that in Olden Times, the amulet was shorter and plumper in appearance, and that the Modern Times Interpretations have grown much taller and slimmer. This edition decided to take the middle path to pay respect to both styles and eras, and to create a new and perhaps much more difficult model for this edition which is Historic in the fact that it is the first time that the Buddha Chinarat Loi Oingk Statuette hgas been made with 4 pieces in this level of Fine Artisanry and Engineering standards. great care was given to pay attention to enhancing the beautiful Aspects of the two styles to be rendered into one, and to omit that which was not attractive to the eye. The result is a Masterpiece of Minature Buddhist Sacred Art that fills the eye with Splendour to gaze Upon. This work is worthy of the Buddha it represents

The inner rear face of the Chinarat Jom Rachan Ba Chalu coins have the Sacred Kata 'Iswaasu Sataa Putta Chinaraachaa Apibpaalae Dtudtang Mahaa Laap-Laapo Nirandtarang Pawandtu Mae'

The Kata calls upon Pra Putta Chinarat Buddha to protect You. The Kata 'Iswaasu' is the Hua Jai 108 kata of Puttakun, Tammakun and Sangkakun, whose qualities sum up to the number of 108.

'Mahaa Laapo Nirandtarang' means 'Please through the power of the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha (all 108 qualities), may i recieve Lucky Fortunes, Wealth and Safety from dangers'.

The Kata can be used to chant often within the heart to empower the amulet and to intensify the relationship between the Mind itself, the Faith in the Heart, and ones 'Buddhanussati' (remembrance of the Buddha, to practice the Dhamma, and to give alms to the Sangha and Revere them).

In the conceptual design of this amulet, many aspects and elements were studied and taken from various classic editions of amulets, to combine what the Design team considered to be the Ultimate in design and quality, with the added benefit of making the amulets practically impossible for anyone but a large factory with a large investor to attempt replication and forgery of the edition, making it so unlikely, that the edition is essentially safe from any possible forgery attempts.

One of the Inspirational Models for the design was the Rian Chalu Luang Phu Iam (Wat Hnang) from the year 2469 BE (imagine how innovative this was at that time to make a multi piece amulet!). Also the 'Rian Suntarawanee' (Wat Sutat), Rian Dtra Rachagan 6 (6 Chakri Dynasty reign Toyal Insignia amulets), and 'Rian Pra Sangkarach 2481 BE' Monk coins were studied and honored by using some of their design elements.

The beauty of the resulting amulet is oo course the most obvious aspect of the massive amount of thought andf consideration that has been put into the design and creation of this Sacred Historical Classic Thai Buddhist Amulet.

The statuettes were made using the finest tools and Technologies composing a four piece piece of Artisanry to bind together into the single amulet we behold here in this wonderful edition of beautiful Buddhist Amulets, making this edition almost imposssible to make forgeries, and ensure the Edition for its destiny as a Future Classic High End amulet of Great Esteem and Nobility.

All of the statuettes have the Code 'Puttachaayandti' and series code number stamp. There were a large number of different color and metal combinations of coins and statuettes included in this edition; Nuea Tong Rakang (Temple Bell Brass), Nuea Bronze Nork (Sacred Bronze of International Purity standards), Nuea Loha Chup Pink Gold (Pink Gold Plated Sacred Bronze), Nuea Loha Chup Pink Gold Ongk Tong (Gold Buddha image with Pink Gold Arch), Nuea Ongk Loha Chup Tong Sum Chup Ngern (Gold Plated Buddha with Silver Plated Arch), Nuea Loha Chup Tong (Bronze with Gold Plating), Nuea Sam kasat (3K), Nuea Nava Loha (9 Sacred Metals), Nuea Chanuan Loha Ongk Ngern (Sacred Bronze with Silver Buddha Image, Nuea Ngern (solid silver), and Nuea Tong Kam (Solid Gold).

Rian Ba Chalu Sam Midti Pra Putta Chinarat Jom Rachan Coins

For the selection of Pra Putta Chinarat Coin Amulets made, a large number of different versions were released, in fact, an almost dizzying array of choices of different combinations of metals and colored enamels, that one can hardly decide which one, if not all, one would prefer to wear. The coins are graced with the image of Somdej Pra Naresuan Maharaj, the great King of Siam who is the Founder of what we now know today as Thailand, and Hero of many Great Disputes Battles and Wares which forged Thai History and Culture Forevermore..

Solid Gold With Red and Green Rachawadee Enamels 99 Coins made

Solid Gold With Green (left) and Blue (right) Rachawadee Enamels 59 Coins made

Solid Silver with Solid Gold Front faces and rachawadee Enamels, in Green, Navy Blue, or Yellow Base colors - the rear face is Solid Silver and features Somdej Pra Naresuan Maharaj

Above; rear face of the above mentioned Solid Silver  with Solid Gold Fronted Coin series

Solid Silver (Nuea Ngern) with Glazed Enamels (Ya Rachawadee) Red, Green, Yellow or Turqoise backgrounds.

Available only in 4 set boxes of which 2555 sets were made

Gammagarn Collector Coins in Silver with Rachawadee Enamels

Solid Silver, Silver with Pink Gold frame and Gold Image (known as 'Sam Kasat', meaning three Kings), Silver with Red, Yellow and Orange Enamels,  Silver with Green Yellow and Orange Enamels, Silver with Orange, Yellow Enamels, Silver with Blue Yelow and Orange Enamels,Silver with Temple Brass Image and Frame, Silver with Pink Gold Frame and Image.

Silver with Gold Image, Red Enamels, Silver with Gold Image and Blue Enamels, Silver with Gold Image and green Enamels, Silver with Gold Plated Image and Frame, and red Enamels, Silver with Gold Plated Image and frame and Dark Navy Blue Enamels, Nava Loha (Nine Sacred Metals), and in Temple Bell Brass with Pink Gold Plated frame and Image and Blue Enamels.

Muan Sarn used;

Apart from the artifacts, old Chinarat Buddha amulets and other Sacred Elements used, a host of Sacred Magical yantra Foils were collected from Old Guru masters from around the whole Country to melt into the sacred metals.

The Piti Tae Name Rerk (first Sacred Casting ceremony for the pouring of the Sacred Metals into the casts) was performed on Visakha Bucha Day, a most Auspicious Buddhist Occasion for Blessing the Amulets. This is a Historical edition of a Historical Amulet from a Historical Temple.

The amulets were comissioned for design and construction (engineering) by Thailands most respected and often used service company for this purpose of High Quality amulets that enter into the fine jewellery class; the Panda Jewellery Company of Thailand.

The edition is considered to be the foremost innovation in Modern development of Sacred Fine Miniature Buddhist Arts (amulets), and is a deliberately thought out mixture of Fine Art and Aesthetic High Class Jewellery, combined with Magical Belief in The Incantations and Empowerment, and Buddhist Religious Faith as their three important elements, and reasons for existing. This edition is the most three dimensional amulet with deep relief and detail of imagery, that the Panda Jewllery co ever were commissioned to make, and they consider that despite all their other World Famous and Fine class amulets made for so many great Temples, that this is now their Flagship Showpiece of what they are capable of creating as far as quality and clarity of detail are concerned.

Loi Ongk Statuettes

Nuea Tong Kam - Solid Gold (left) 108 made - Nuea Ngern - Solid Silver (right)  1999 made

Above; Solid Silver Version

Nuea Loha Chup Ngern Sum Nava Loha - Sacred Bronze with Silver Plated Buddha Image, and Nava Loha Arch

From left to Right; Nuea Nava Loha (Nine Sacred Metals), Nuea Sam Kasat (Tricolor Gold, Pink Gold and Silver Plating on Sacred Bronze), Nuea Loha Chup Tong (Sacred Bronze with Gold Plated Coating), Nuea Loha Chup Tong Sum Chup Ngern (Sacred Bronze with Gold and Silver Plating).

From left to Right; Nuea Loha Chup Pink Gold Ongk Chup Tong (Sacred Bwonze with Pink Gold base and Arch with Gold Plated Image), Nuea Tong Rakang (Sacred Temple Brass), Nuea Bronze Nork (Sacred Alchemical Alloy of Imported Bronze with Yantra Foils), Nuea Loha Chup Pink Gold (Sacred Bronze with Pink Gold Plated Coating).

Bucha Statues

Of course there were some Bucha statues also issued, in 9,9 Inch wide (299 made) and 5 inch wide bases (555 made) they were made from sacred Brass aloy with 24 K Gold leaf covering