Pra Rahu Om Jant (Eclipse God Swallowing the Moon) Bucha Statue 4 Inches Wide x 8 Inches High Bronze with Gold leaf - 'Sadta Mongkol' (Seven Blessings) edition - Por Tan Kloi - Wat Phu Khao Tong

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Por Tan Kloi's Third Edition of Amulets in 2555 and the second edition  of Pra Rahu amulets from the same Master in one single Year. This is no mere coincidence, rather the result of the Insights of the great Masters of Thai Buddhist and Brahman Astrology has caused Por Tan Kloi and a great number of other Masters and Temples to be forced to make many Pra Rahu Images and amulets, in the attempt to reduce the extremely negative and unlucky forces which are in play in this Era. So many people are experiencing bad luck or financial difficulty, because of Rahus powerful influence on the Astrological Alignments of the line of Fate of Humans on Earth, and do not realize the importance of posessing and praying to Pra Rahu the Eclipse God, to appease bad luck and turn the tables of Fate to improves ones well being and wealth, and reduce strife and struggle, and bad luck.

The base of the statue is filled with sacred powders and stuffed full of amulets. The statue is covered in a black oily finish and gold leaf embellishment. The Ecipse God Rahu is seated upon the cosmic ocean of spacetime and holds the moon in his hands, swallowing it up in his dark maw.

Por Tan Kloi is one of the Great Masters of the Khao Or Sorcery Tradition, and is considered a standard bearer of the Pra Rahu Amulet making Wicha for having revived preserved and performed the correct full ritual and preparation requirements according to the ancinet and complex methods given in the authentic 'Dtamra' of Pra Rahu amulet creation and empowerment.

Many Modern Masters do not possess or know the full Wicha for Pra Rahu empowerment and thus, Por Tan Kloi's Pra Rahu amulets are a most recommendable choice for their authentic creation and empowerment method according to the proper astrological requirements, and using the proper alchemical metals and sacred powders to charge the amulets/statues. Great attention was paid to the Astrological Data in preparation for auspicious blessings of the Pra Rahu series, which went to great lengths to fulfill every detail of the traditional methods.

This edition also included some Mai Kroo Por Gae (wands), Por Tan Kloi Coins and Bucha statues, Takrut scrolls, Rahu Amulets and Bucha statues, and Meed Mor Spirit Knife. Blessed at Wat Pu Khao Tong in Pattalung, in a Major Putta Pisek / Taewa Pisek Empowerment Ceremony, which was marked by the presence of 19 Master Guru Monks of the Southern Khao or Sorcery tradition, who came to assist in the Empowerment on Saturday the 2nd May 2555 BE.

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