Pra Rahu Om Jantr (Asura Eclipse God Eating Moon) Nuea Gala Ta Diaw Chae Nam Man (Hand Carved 1 Eyed Coconut shell Soaked in Metta Oil) 'Wai Kroo 2555 BE' Edition - Luang Por Chor - Wat Hnong Saeng

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Pra Rahu Om Jantr (Eclipse God Deity swallowing the Moon) - hand carved from  a Coconut with one single Eye. The one eyed coconut shell is believed to have powerful Maha Lap (Rich Fortunes) and Kong Grapan (Bulletproof and Invincibility) Magic instilled within it. The One Eyed Coconut is extremely rare (less than one in 2000 coconuts, and up to on in 10,000).

Pra Rahu is an Asura (Yaksa Giant). He is a Celestial Deity who swallowed the Moon in Buddhist Cosmology. He used to try to bother people, but became a Devotee of the Lord Buddha, and changed his ways, paying reverence to the Buddha. This Pra Rahu in Sacred Metta Oils was issued along with a large selection of other amulets in the 2555 BE Wai Kroo Luang Por Chor Edition of amulets.

How to Pray, Make offerings and Chant to Pra Rahu

Apart from Pra Rahu being an Important Deity to Pray to for reducing Ill Fate, is Essential to Bucha Pra Rahu in 2555 BE (2012) even more than ever, because of the very Powerful Negative Events being caused by the present Astrological Alignments which are coming into effect. This Year has seen Buddhist Astrologers and Guru Monks insisting on the importance of Pra Rahu, because it is the most productive and effective method to protect against Evil Influences, and achieve a turning of the tides and a change in your Luck. 

People born under the Starsigns of the Dragon, Dog, Ox, and Rabbit will be especially affected by bad Luck this Year (2555 BE/2012 AD), and are strongly recommended to Bucha the Pra Rahu Deity, in order to Improve their Fate and Destiny, and avoid Financial Difficulty.

The rear face of the amulet has Hand Made Inscription of Buddhist Kata in Ancient Khom Agkhara lettering.

Size; 4.8 Cm High x 4.3 Cm Wide with Casing.

Pra Rahu is of course not only  limited to those Starsigns falling under the current Negative Alignments though; Pra Rahu is and always has been an Essential part of Bucha Practice for Thai Buddhists, and is considered an Important aspect of keeping ones Line of Fate clear of Obstacles. Rahus Cosmic influence is a direct cause of Ill Fate and Bad Luck, loss of Money. Pra Rahu must be Prayed to and Given Offerings in order to appease his Wrath and Ask for his Mercy. Regular Bucha helps to Prevent Karmic Fallouts from arising and sploiling your Happiness.

Luang Por Chor is a Master of the Wicha Sariga, whose powerful metta Mahaniyom magic is becoming ever more heard of and Popular in the present Era. His long trajectory is only just coming to Light as he began to release amulets to the Public.

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