Pra Rahu Om Jantr (Asura Eclipse God eating the Moon) Nuea Gala Ta Diaw ( Hand Carved One Eyed Coconut) 'Wai Kroo 2555 BE' Edition - Luang Por Chor - Wat Hnong Saeng

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Pra Rahu Om Jantr (Eclipse God Deity swallowing the Moon) - hand carved from Sacred One Eyed Coconut Shell. Pra Rahu is an Asura Deity who swallows the Moon in Buddhist Cosmology. Released with a large line of amulets from Luang Por Chor in the 2555 BE Wai Kroo Edition of amulets. Pra Rahu is seen to be a very important Deity to make Bucha to, due to the extremely negative influences of the current Astrological Alignments of this Decade. Especially in 2555 Buddhist Astrologers and Guru Monks have produced many Pra Rahu amulets, because it is seen as one of the most effective and needed ways to counteract the bad luck and financial pressure that is hovering over many people's heads in the Current Era. Especially those who were born in the year of the Dragon, Dog, Ox, and Rabbit are affected this year (2555 BE/2012 AD), and are advised to Bucha Pra Rahu to increase their Auspicous Astrological Influences and ward of bad luck and financial depression.

How to Pray, Make offerings and Chant to Pra Rahu

Size; 4 Cm x 4 Cm in Casing.

The rear face has the word 'Chor' inscribed as a Mark of Authenticity.

Rahu is of course not only recommendable for those born in the years that clash with their Star Sign, but is an Auspicous Way to improve Luck and Fortunes for Each and Every Buddhist. Rahus influence is always one of the relevant causes of Bad Luck and must be appeased from time to time to prevent Karmic Fallouts from occurring.

This particular Amulet was released in two versions in this edition, one dry hand carved version and another larger image that is immersed in Metta Oil.

Luang Por Chor is a Master of the Wicha Sariga, whose powerful metta Mahaniyom magic is becoming ever more heard of and Popular in the present Era. His long trajectory is only just coming to Light as he began to release amulets to the Public.

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