Pra Ruesi Narot Pim Yai 3 Takrut - Naradha Lersi - Nuea Pong Dam Maha Lap Maha Sanaeh - Luang Por Goy Wat Khao Din Dtai

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This beautiful Ruesi amulet is made from Black Maha Sanaeh and Maha Lap Prai Powders. This is the top range 'Gamagarn' issue of a two amulet edition of Ruesi Dern Dong. It has Pra Ruesi Narot Dern Dong on the front face (Ruesi Narot walking in the forest).A mass of Sacred Yant and Sacred Na spells are inscribed upon the surface of the front face of the amulet, invoking the 108 Lersi Sages, with Incantations of the 'Hmeun Yant' 10,000 Yantra Sutra.

The rear face has various sacred Yant (including Yant Putsoorn for protection Metta and Riches), and 3 Takrut scrolls inserted into it. LP Goy, made a Puttapisek/Tewaapisek ceremony and called all 108 Ruesi Deities to come and bless and empower the amulets.

Luang Por Goy performed Buddha Abhiseka on the amulets after a full 3 months of empowerment during the rainy season. Luang Por Goy empowered the amulets according to the correct formula of Khmer Lineage of his Masters, and employed Kasina meditation until he saw a Nimitta of the Lersi rise up from the amulets, then he called the Citta Vinyana (spirit/mind) of Lersi Narod, to approach the amulets, and to intertwine and fuse magically. He then meditated to bind and empower the images with Ancient Khmer Sorcery, chanting Kata until the power began to arise within the amulets. He used many Mantras, Kata and spells, such as; Montr Ma Saep Nang, Montr In Koo Piswat, Montr Chang Pasom Khlong, Montr Khun Phaen, Montr Maha Sanaeh Piswat 108, Montr Maha Hlong Hlai (this Mantra can be used to hypnotize with - regardless of if it is a Man or a Woman), with Invocations of Maha Lap and Maha Pokasap Wealth Increasing Magic. After this powerful invocation, Luang Por took the amulets and soaked them in Nam Man Paya Tae Krua Prai Oil, in order to multiply the strength of the spell contained within the amulets (magical charging). Blessed in Traimas 3 month Empowerment in his Kuti, along with varous other amulets in this now classic and most famous edition, which included these Lersi Dern Dong (Ruesi walking in the forest), Choo Chok Lucky Beggar Powder amulets, Kumarn Tong, some Choo Chok Loi Ongk Statuettes, Ma Saep Nang Love Charms, and Pha Yant and Nam Man Prai Oil Potions.

Por Gae Lersi, is a highly revered Thai Lersi Deity of Ancient Renown. There are many Legends about many different Lersi. One of the Lersi to be found so often mentioned in Thai Mythology, is Por Gae Lersi Thai Fai. (Sometimes spelled “Pho Kae Ta Fai”).

The legend of Highly Developed Beings has been told in different Mythologies and Cultures around the world. In Thailand there are also various legends of “Pu Wised”, or Lersi , Arahants or Yogis. These Lersi are said to have possessed various powers, such as Knowledge of herbal medicines, minerals, magical invocations, and supernatural abilities, such as Levitation, Teleportation, Alchemy, and Mind Reading. These beings with special powers are reputed to have lived recluse lives in the forest, on mountains, or in caves; practicing meditative skills and mental development using secret methods passed on from mouth to ear by their fore-goers/masters.

If you Bucha the Ruesi properly, you will find success in all your projects and attain wealth, Health and Happiness. Luang Por Goy said that the year he made these amulets was a Year of black magic and the agressive tiger, and that he must make some special magical amulets to protect and improve luck and fortune (Serm Duang) to counter the negative energies of the current astrological alignments. The Lersi, or also known as 'Ruesi', are the holders of the Great Kampira Grimoires, and Magical Wicha of the Dtamra Saiywaet, and are the Root Guru Masters of the Magical Tradition in Buddhist Thailand.

Lersi Deva Hermit Gods are Revered in Thailand under the Name 'Por Gae'. Por Gae defends these 'Wicha' etheral knowledges from both the ignorant who wish to destroy them, as well as the ignorant not ready to learn them. This Lersi commands respect and gives knowledge to those ready to accept the power that comes with the Lersi Path. Worshipping the Ruesi brings a full range of blessings and protective magic of the Boroma Kroo and the Immense Power and Protection of the 108 Ruesi Hermit Sages. Kong Grapan, Klaew Kaad, Gae Aathan, Gan Kun Sai, Choke Lap, Kaa Khaay, Metta Mahaniyom, Serm Duang, Maha Sanaeh. All of these blessings are given with the practice of revering and following the Ruesi Devas.

It requires somewhat more effort to practice revering the Ruesi, than to wear an amulet, because the practice of Revering Ruesi is a regular applied practice and you must think that the Ruesi are always with you, and that one lives and behaves as a Looksit of the Ruesi Boroma Kroo Por Gae. To Bucha the Ruesi brings Protection from physical and magical dangers (black magic) had Kong Grapan, Maha Ud and Klaew Klaad Properties. Gae Aathan (remove Black Magic), Gan Phii (scare Ghosts away), Metta Mahaniyom (great preference and popularity), Maha Sanaeh (charm and hypnotic effect, attraction to the opposite sex).

Serm Duang (invoke an auspicious fate and destiny, horoscope). Most traditional Lersi respect the Pantheon of Higher Beings according to the Brahmin tradition. Namely; Lord Brahma Shiva and Vishnu. Most Lersi practice the development of power and evocation/invocation(Peng Kasin). The word ‘Peng’, means in principle, to “stare”, but in this case, it really means to insert, or transform matter or substance, whether it be physical element, or a spiritual element.

How to Pray to the Ruesi Narot

Offer Hmak Plu (betel nut and areca leaf), tobacco and grapefruit

Kata for Bucha Ruesi Narot

(Say 'Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambhuddhassa 3 times first)

Ugaasa Wantami Bhante Sappatang Abparaatang Kha Ma Dta Mae Bhante Mayaa Gadtang Bpunyang Saaminaa Anumotittappang Saaminaa Gadtang Mayhang Naadtappang Saatu Saatu Anumotaami

Wantaami Narata Burapaajaariyang Sappa Maetosang Khamadta Mae Bhante

It should be noted that to correctly Bucha Ruesi Deities, one should also perform a yearly Wai Kroo in order to recieve protection and lineage of the Ruesi Masters

Kata to the 108 Ruesi;

Om Surawepoya Ruesi Poya Na Ma Ha

Kata Bucha Ruesi;

Om Imasaming Pra Bprakone Tap Pra Muneetewaa Hidtaa Dtumhe Bparipunchandtu

Tudtiyambpi – Imasaming Pra Bprakone Tap Pra Muneetewaa Hidtaa Dtumhe Bparipunchandtu

Dtadtiyambpi – Imasaming Pra Bprakone Tap Pra Muneetewaa Hidtaa Dtumhe Bparipunchandtu

Kata to ask for the blessings of the Ruesi;

Om dtwa mewamaadtaa ja bpidtaa dtwa mewa dtwa mewa pantusaja sakhaa dtwa mewa dtwa mewa witayaa tarawinam dtwa mewa dtwa mewa sarawam ma ma tewa tewa

Kata Bucha Por Gae Ruesi Dta Fai

Ugaasa imang akkee paahū buppang Ahang wantaa aajaariyang sappasayang winaassandti

sittigaariya abparabpachaa imasaming pawandtume

tudtiyambi – imang akkee paahoo buppang Ahang wantaa aajaariyang sappasayang


sittigaariya abparabpachaa imasaming pawandtume

Dtadtiyambpi – imang akkee paahoo buppang Ahang wantaa aajaariyang

sappasayang winaassandti

sittigaariya abparabpachaa imasaming pawandtume

Katas for Revering the Ruesi

Various Kata (general and specialized) for praying to the Ruesi, and empowering your Ruesi amulets, Por Gae Masks and Statues

General Kata (Good for all Ruesi)

Namasa Dtisadtawaa Isisitti Lokanaatathang

Anudt Dtarang Isee Ja Pantanang

Saadtraa Ahang Wantaami Dtang Isisittiwesa

Luang Por Goy is a very Humble and Simple living Master who is an Adept at the Ancient Khmer Occult Arts. He was a very close friend of Luang Por Chern (Wat Ta Ee). As Luang Por Chern was still alive, Luang Por Goy would often help him to make and empower his amulets and assist in performing the Incantations. He is now known as one of the top living Masters of Khmer Necromantic Wicha, whose immensely famous 'Kumarn Gao Gote' amulets and Bucha statues have become one of the most successful editions in history, and was so popular that there were various repeat editions, due to so many devotees beseeching more.

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