Pra Sangkajjai Maha Lap 2554 Be For Riches Health And Happiness Nuea Sam Gasat Luang Phu Key Gittiyano

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Pra Sangkhajjayana Lucky Buddha of riches and happiness - pid tong pon sai, by Luang Por Key Gittiyano of Wat Sri Lamyong, Surin. released and blessed 8th January 2554 BE - latest line of amulets from LP Key.

This amulet is suitable for both sexes and all ages, due to its size being neither too small for a man nor to large for a lady or child.

Brings wealth love and happiness to the wearer and his/her household.

These amulets were made in three different materials; Nuea Tong Pon Sai (brushed gold), Nuea Albaca Khad Ngao Gae Ngern (Albaca with silver brushed coating), and Nuea Sam Gasat (three metals - bronze silver and gold). This particular one is top of the range, in Nuea Sam Gasat

Pra Sangkajjai Buddha - How to Worship - Kata Chanting

Pra Sangkajjai Buddha – Metta Mahaniyom Maha Sanaeh amulet

Pra Sangkajjai represents one of the Pra Sidtisawok Aedtakka (One of the Buddha’s the most admired and praised practitioners). The Buddha praised him for his ability to put long complex teachings into short understandable formulas. He has a golden tinted skin complexion, and was originally so similar in appearance and stature to the Lord Buddha, that sometimes people would mistake him for the Buddha if seen from a distance.

For this reason, he used his mind powers to force his body to grow fatter and not so handsome as before, in order to not confuse others if he was the Buddha or not. The ancient masters would often use the visual symbolism of Pra Sangkajjai’s features to create statues in this image, which has served as an important preserver of the Faith over the Centuries, and a very old form of Buddha image dating back to the early times of Buddhism. Pra Maha Sangkajjai was originally called ‘Ganjana’, which means ‘Gold’ in Pali.

He was the son of a Brahman called Bpurohidtgajjayana Kodtra in the City of Usenni. He studied and completed the Traiwaet (Tri Veda). After his father passed away, he inherited the title of Bpurohidt (advisor to the King). This happened in the time of the King Jantabajjodti. Pra Sangkajjai had 7 close companions who cam,e with himn to attend the Buddhas teachings at Wat Weluwanaram, and after listening to the Dhamma, becamse Arahants instantly and asked to ordain. In the Turasutra it is mentioned that Pra Sangkajjai lived to the age of 120 years old.

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