Pra Sangkajjai Udom Choke - Nuea Wan Khaw - Traimas 2550 BE Edition - Luang Phu Ka Hlong

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Pra Sangkajjai Buddha Amulet in Nuea Wan Herbal Powders with Pong Puttakun, from the Traimas 2550 BE Ceremony at Wat Khao Laem, Presided over and Empowered by the Great Guru master Luang Phu Ka Long (Deceased).

This amulet has been specially encased as a central junction-piece with three pendant rings, to be able to place the amulet in the middle of a pendant chain, and hang one more amulet below it from the lower ring, making for a truly aesthetic appearance to assist in composing the amulets on your neck-chain with good taste and good looks.

The Pra Sangkajjayana Lucky Buddha of Health Wealth and Happiness is a most auspicious amulet bringing Buddhist Blessings to Improve karma, and Maha Lap Fortuitous Blessings of Wealthy Fortunes and Lucky Streaks. Pra Sangkajjai induces Mercy and Helpfulness in the hearts of those who approach, making this amulet also a highly powerful Metta Mahaniyom Mercy Charm.

The amulets of Luang Phu are all rarities now, since the passing of this Great Master with the enigmatic crystal miracle tooth, who died in 2552 BE. Of all the Wai Kroo Master day edition amulets, the 2550 edition and earlier amulets are amongst the rarest and most sought after of all, and will disappear from the market.

The rear face has the Buddha's Crown Yantra embossed upon it, sending protective and auspicious blessings out around you in all 12 points of the zodiac. This 2550 BE edition, was the year which brought so many stories of powerful amulets helping devotees, and that such beautiful Buddhist art was applied to the production of his amulets, Pha Yan and other magic charms, that the whole edition was snapped up by devotees and collectors in no time.

The front face features an image of the Sangkajjaiyana Buddha sat upon a Lotus, surrounded by Sacred Yant and Khom Agkhara inscriptions around the image.

Pra Sangkajjai represents one of the Pra Sidtisawok Aedtakka (One of the Buddha’s the most admired and praised practitioners). The Buddha praised him for his ability to put long complex teachings into short understandable formulas. He has a golden tinted skin complexion, and was originally so similar in appearance and stature to the Lord Buddha, that sometimes people would mistake him for the Buddha if seen from a distance.

For this reason, he used his mind powers to force his body to grow fatter and not so handsome as before, in order to not confuse others if he was the Buddha or not. The ancient masters would often use the visual symbolism of Pra Sangkajjai’s features to create statues in this image, which has served as an important preserver of the Faith over the Centuries, and a very old form of Buddha image dating back to the early times of Buddhism. Pra Maha Sangkajjai was originally called ‘Kanjana’, which means ‘Gold’ in Pali.

He was the son of a Brahman called Bpurohidtgajjayana Kodtra in the City of Usenni. He studied and completed the Traiwaet (Tri Veda). After his father passed away, he inherited the title of Bpurohidt (advisor to the King). This happened in the time of the King Jantabajjodti. Pra Sangkajjai had 7 close companions who cam,e with him to attend the Buddhas teachings at Wat Weluwanaram, and after listening to the Dhamma, became Arahants instantly, and asked to ordain. In the Tura Sutra, it is mentioned that Pra Sangkajjai lived to the age of 120 years old.

The Sangkajjai amulet has always been a very preferred amulet and believed ot have great power, for the insertion of the ‘Puttakun’ qualities of the Sangkajjai Buddha of Metta Mahaniyom, and Maha Sanaeh, and forcing these powers to become a Sacred Na spell within the image of the amulet.

Luang Phu Ka Long's amulets have taken on perhaps the highest status and attained the fastest ever depletion of all amulets of the last decade, and it is indeed a rare opportunity to find his amulets at all in any amulet market place around the country. It can be said that he has become one of the highest regarded Guru Monks of the last two decades of Thai Buddhist amulet making history, mostly for his most evident and obvious supernatural powers.

This now very rare amulet, from the Deceased Master Monk with the crystal tooth in the roof of his mouth, has now become an essential rarity immensely sought after by Devotees and speculative collectors alike, and is in every case an internationally accepted 'Niyom' Preferred Amulet, and a great classic of amulet making history. LP Ka Long became extremely famous when news got out of his crystalline tooth (Khiaw Gaew) in the roof of his mouth, just as Hanuman has in the Ramakian Epic.

This is seen as a sign of his great Merits, as well as the story of his meeting with Phu Ruesi Hnaa Suea (tiger faced Ruesi Deity), and his subsequent mastery of the Wicha. All Luang Pu Ka Longs amulets have become classics and almost always quickly disappear into the homes of his many many Looksit around the Planet.

Bucha Method

Kata Hua Jai Bucha Pra Sangkajjai

Arahandti Gajjaayana Thaero Mahaa Poko Pawandtumae.

This Kata calls luck and fortune and brings wealth, and other great treasures.

Full Version of Kata Bucha Pra Sangkajjai

Gajjaiyana Ja Mahaa Thaero Putto Puttaanang Puttadtang Puttanja Putta Sapaa Sidtang Puttadtang Samanubpadt-dto Puttachodtang Namaa Mihang Bpiyo Taewa Manussaanang Bpiyo Prahma Namudtamo Bpiyo Naaka Subannaanang Bpiyinsiyang Namaa Mihang Sappae Chanaa Pahuu Chanaa Bpuriso Chanaa Idthii Chanaa Raachaa Paakinii Jidt-dtang Aakajchaahi Bpiyang Ma Ma

Chanting this Kata is Good for increasing popularity, business sales and promoted status.

In addition, Sangkajjai amulets have the special abstract magical quality of increasing your common sense, mindfulness and wisdom is also present within this amulet. This particular aspect of the Sangkajjai magic is what is called a ‘Prisnatam’ (mysterious phenomenon).

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