Pra Sangkajjai amulet for Riches and Happiness (case included) - Luang Por Somyos - Wat Sai Tong Pattana - 999 Made

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Pra Sangkajjai Maha Lap Run Udom Pokasap Nuea Tong Dork Buab - Luang Por Somyod Banyawaro (Wat Sai Tong Pattana, Sai Yoke, Kanjanaburi). This amulet was given Puttapisek blessing by LP Somyod on the 6th February 2552. Limited numbered edition (999). This amulet offers the number 158 of 999 total made.

Size; 3 cm high, 2 cm wide base. The statuette has a numbered code of the limited edition.

In Nuea Tong Dork Buab only 999 of these were made

On the 27th May 2552, a number of gaeji Ajarn Master Monks in the Isan Forest Tradition came to Wat Pah Tung Gula Chalerm Rach (Roi Et), to make a mass Puttapisek blessing again on the amulets. They were made in three different metals, Nuea Tong Dork Buab, Nuea Navaloha, and Nuea Samrit. The amulet has a Tagrud scroll, and Pong Ya Jinda Mani (magical sacred powder from an extremely rare and expensive herb which is owned by the Royal Family and is only distributed in certain occasions), and Civara robe from LP Somyod inserted into the base. Ya Wasana Jinda Mani has extremely strong power to attract admirers, charm people, and improve riches.

Pra Sangkajjai Buddha - How to Worship - Kata Chanting

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