Pra Sangkajjayana Buddha with Pra Rahu, Nagas and Pra Sivali Arahant on rear face - 9 Inch high x 5 Inches wide Bucha - Luang Por Tong Parn - Wat Pha Na Ngua

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Pra Sangkajjai Lucky Wealth Buddha of Happiness in Bucha form with a Naga Arched frame using Traditional Fine Line 'Lai Thai' Buddhist design, and Pra Rahu Astrological Eclipse Deity - The rear face features a Naga Throne encircling Pra Sivali, whose blessings are renowned to bring Prosperity. This is a very auspicious and Beuatiful object of Faith and immensely useful for Pure Maha Lap/Metta Mahaniyom blessings, recieved from a pure Buddhist Bucha Image. This image was released at Wat Ban Kam Pla Khaw by the Metta of Luang Por Tong Parn

Buddhakun Magic attained through Devotion is the Safest effective manner to induce Magical or Miraculous changes in ones Life. Black magic is an extreme and fast way to get results, and in some odd cases, may be useful to solve otherwise unsolvable problems.

But for those who wish to induce improvements in life and wellbeing, without risking any side effect or who feel that their faith in the Buddhist Path does not permit to use Occult Methods, then this Bucha is a perfect solution for both Sacred reverence at your Altar, as well as giving magical results, bringing great wealth, prosperity and success, happiness, health and long life.

Size; 9 Inches High x 4.8 Inches Wide x 2.4 Inches Deep

The small ledge in front of the Sangkajjayana Buddha is enouogh to be able to place a small amulet or 'Pra Ob' (relic bowl/receptacle) upon.

Muan Sarn; Sacred Clay and Plaster Powders, Baked, golden painted.

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