Pra Somdej Kring Roey Pong Tabai - Sacred Powder Buddha with Tabai Filings and Kring Bead Wat Sutat 2543 BE

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Pra Somdej Kring Yorn Yuk Wat Sutat 2543 B.E. This Sacred Powder Amulet from Wat Sutat, one of Thailand's most important temples, which has seen the greatest guru masters of all eras pass through its Uposadha Shrineroom, to perform Buddha Abhiseka Blessings and Empower Amulets. This sacred powder Pra Kring has some metal filings from the casting of the Buddha statues and Pra Kring statuettes sprinkled over the chest of the Buddha.

This comemmorative edition of Pra Somdej, was released in 2543 BE, and features the Famous Pra Kring Wat Sutat Medicine Buddha statue embossed on the front face, with the ink stamp of the Temple on the rear face bearing the Sacred Na Metta and the Kata 'Ma A U'.

The bottom of the amulet, has a gring (bell like rattle) inserted and sealed into it - the amulet rattles when shaken, due to the Kring Bead inserted within.

The rear side has 'Na Bpatamang' Yantra on it

The amulet comes with original box in new condition

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