Pra Somdej Luang Por Sotorn - Nuea Pong Puttakun (108 Yantra Powders x 5) - Benja Nava Mongkol Edition 2555 BE - Grand Putta Pisek Ceremony at Wat Sotorn - Free with casing if buy over 100$ of Items

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Pra Somdej Luang Por Sotorn Thai Buddha Amulet is One of Thailands 5 famous 'Pra Pi Nong Haa' which were discovered floating in the river. 5 Famous Buddhas were discovered miraculously this way. The Monks in the temple found an able Monk who was able to perform the ceremony to invite the Buddha to come out of the water into the Temple. Once the Buddha was installed, it was seen to be a Buddha made in the Lan Chang Era. The Monks were worried about its safety and so made a thick outer casing of cement and covered it in gold, to make the Image larger and heavier, rendering impossible to steal.

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The Luang Por Sotorn amulet is made in Classic Sacred Powders - Pong Puttakun is a powder made from the inscription of Yantra with Sacred Chalk, and using the fallen chalk powders to remake new chalk sticks, and repeat the process.

Five times in a row, a whole 108 Sacred Yantra were inscribed until recieving the final Pong Puttakun for use as a special powder for the making of these amulets. The front face features the Classic Design Depiction of the Luang Por Sotorn Buddha sat in his 4 Tiered Dais. The rear face features the seal of the Ministry of Public Health, the a Sacred Yantra with the Kata 'Na Mo Put Taa Ya' and the words '80th anniversary of the Ministry of Public health, Benja Mongkol 999 999 999.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

This edition was made to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Ministry of Public Health and Hygiene, the 50th Birthday of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, and to Raise funds for the Meritorious Project to Cure Breast Cancer, by purchasing a Mobile Mammography Unit.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Apart from these Sacred Powder Amulets, this edition featured a series of Loi Ongk statuettes, a 5 Inches wide LP Sotorn Bucha Statue cast in Nava Loha, an Alchemical Alloy of 9 Sacred Metals.

Some 'Rian Sema' coins in Sacred Metals or Solid Silver with Ya Rachawadee Enamels, in the colors of each of the eight Birthday Buddhas. The Classic of the Series,was of course the triangular metal LP Sotorn Coin.


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Before the Muan Sarn Powders, and the Metal Chanuan Muan Sarn used for this edition of powder, metal, and sacred metal amulets were made into their final form, all the Sacred Ingredients were passed to Luang Por Koon of Wat Ban Rai, to give his Empowerments.

Thai Buddha Image LP Sotorn amulet

Luang Por Koon gave them back after some time, and also donated 5 Gold Yantra Foils with his Special Inscription, and other Muan Sarn including his Hairs, Civara Robes, and Sacred Powders, to add to the Muan Sarn with his Blessings.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Blessed at Wat Sotorn in front of the Sotorn Buddha, in official Royal State Puttapisek Ceremony.

Luang Por Sotorn sacred powder amulet

Comes with Original Box from the Temple

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