Pra Somdej Run Chae Nam Montr - Nuea Krabueang Dtaek Lai Nga - 2537 BE Puttapisek empowerment at Wat Rakang, Wat Gaes Chaiyo and Wat bang Khun Prohm

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Now already rare and in demand, this was one of a range of amulets made in the Wat Rakang, Wat Bang Khun Prohm and Wat Gaes Chaiyo lineage, using the correct formula of Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri, and supervised by the Sangkharacha Somdej Prayan Sangworn. Soaked in Prayer Water for three years, and empowered in all three temples.

Classic Sacred amulet from the most respected and revered line of temples and Monks of all. This is pure Puttanussadti (remembrance of Buddha) and cna never be a wrong choice of amulet. This is about as sacred as you can get with a Buddhist amulet. The empowerment is right, the Monks who chanted are of the greatest of the modern era, and the Muan Sarn ingredients contain all the sacred powders of Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri of Wat Rakang.

Faith instilling and worthy of reverence, capable of miracles.

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