Pra Yord Khun Prohm - Maitreya Buddha - Pim Yai Wicha Khao Or Ongk Kroo - Gold Leaf & Lek Lai Bead inserted - Traimas 2556 BE Edition - Luang Por Prohm - Wat Ban Suan

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Ongk Kroo Gold Leaf blessed version of the Pra Yord Khun Prohm (Yord Khun Pol) Amulet, in style made first famous in this particular design form and size, by the great Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree of the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy of Sorcery of Pattalung. Released in this 2556 Buddhist Era edition, after the 'Traimas' rainy season. The Pra Yord Khun Prohm emulates the Yord Khun Pol, a traditional amulet that has been made since the era of the Lopburi Kingdom.

Made with Din Kakyayaks earth, and a bead of Lek Lai Kayasiddhi Substance inserted into the center of the front face, which features the Pra Yord Khun Pol Buddha Image (in truth Maitreya), with entourage. This Pim has been a traditional amulet released many times through the temple of Wat Ban Suan and the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy of Sorcery, preserving the Wicha made so famous by the great Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree. This edition was released almost a decade after the previous release in the 2548 BE Sang Yord Prataat Chedi edition, which became a legendary edition in its own right, and is now joined by this 2556 BE Traimas edition. Each edition stores the remaining amulets in the Chedi Stupa, to be dug up and released in later years. This edition will also join the previous ones, which still have numbers in the Kru Higing Chamber of the Chedi Stupa, preserving a certain reserve of each edition, for future distribution and for preservation purposes.

The rear face features a bodhi leaf pattern, made by a Bodhi Leaf.

This model is made and released by the current Abbott of the temple of Wat Ban Suan, in Pattalung. This is of course one of the three major temples of the great Khao Or Sorcery Lineage, which was preceded by the previous abbot of great fame for his powerful magic and amulets, the inimitable Luang Por Kong. This is what we would call in Thailand, a "Yorn Yuk" type of amulets meaning retro, or memorial, or nostalgia piece.

Size; 7 x 6 Cm

It is almost identical to the original famous amulets which is now almost impossible to find, and when they can, extremely expensive and beyond most peoples reach; the Pra Yord Khun Pol amulets by the great Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree, even in the fact that they have a piece of Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi elemental substance inserted into the centre of the front face of the amulets. The rear face is identical to the original edition, with the markings, or, better said, the veins of the bodhi tree leaf.

A great blessing ceremony was performed by the current living master of the Khao Or tradition, Luang Por Prohm, at the temple of Wat Ban Suan.

LP Prohm empowers amulets with the Khao Or Masters

This is a most classic Benjapakee type amulet, and a large one indeed at that, which any true lover or collector of Thai Buddhist amulets would wish to have in their collection and of course to wear around their neck.

comes in original box from Temple

Two different models and sizes were made of these amulets, while covered in 24 Karat pure gold leaf on the front face that is of course the more expensive "Ongk Kroo" masterpiece model.

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