Prakam 108 Met (108 bead Buddhist Rosary) - Nuea Mai Gae (carved wood) - Asrom Por Taw Guwen - Total Length 70 Cm

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Wooden Bead Buddhist Rosary for counting Prayers and Mantras. Empowered with the simple Buddhist Blessing of Sappitiyo, and the Kata Akarn 32, Taat 4, and Paticca Sammuphada Kata, First and last words of the Buddha, and the Incantation Dhamma Jakka Watana Sutta performed in the Asrom Por Taw Guwen (Lung Put).

The Prakam (Rosary) has a total length of 75 Cm including the cord Tassel, which is 5 Cm in itself.

Every Penny of the funds from these rosaries go to the Sak Yant Museum Project Fund, which has now begun to grow more visibly (about a fifth of the funds raised), making the possible purchase of the Museum Items appear on the Horizon. However Ajarn Spencer still needs more funds to make the purchase, and is worried it may be gone before he raises the funds. For which reason he is making an exception in the fact that he always likes to issue free amulets and not for sale, but for reasons of the Museum Projects manifestation, he has decided to make and issue some very small numbered editions of amulets to be able to obtain the Sak Yant Museum Grimoires, for the Public Showcase.

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