Prakam Suad Montr (Large Size Beads) - 38 Inch Buddhist Prayer Bead Mala Rosary for Chanting Mantras and Meditation - Black Hematite + Hin Sai - 108 Beads

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Hand strung High Quality black hematite bead Buddhist Rosary on strong cord. Medium size with sturdy feel, suitable for Men, and people who wish to use a larger heavy Rosary. This Rosary is 38 Inches long in total, hanging 19 inches down from the nape of the neck when worn.

This is a High Quality Prayer Bead Buddhist Rosary, made using large black hematite beads, made from a mixture of vitrified sand and hematite dust, and strung together using strong transparent strong nylon, for long term frequent use. An excellent shiny hard black hematite-glass bead rosary, that slides smoothly through the fingers when passing each bead along, in rhythm with the prayer or Mantra. Perfect for counting long numbers of Kata, Prayers & Incantations. Recommended for both Votive or Meditative use.

black hematite bead rosary

108 Beads are used to complete the Rosary, as Buddhist Tradition requires. The number 108 represents many different symbolic meanings in Buddhism, including the 108 Termas or Kampira of Buddha-Dhamma. The 108 Termas are supposed relics and texts which Guru Padmasambhava is said to have taken to and hidden in Tibet and other places around South-East-Asia, to protect and preserve the Buddhist Faith, and the Buddha Dhamma itself.

Hematite Buddhist Mala Bead Rosary

It is usual to empower or pray with mantras using 108 repetitions as the powerful method of attaining merits.

black hematite beads with red cord

Above; Black hematite bead rosary with red cord - this style is very popular with Buddhists of the Mahayana Lineages, and Buddhists of Chinese Ethnicity. The Rosary is embellished with a red cord tassel.

red tassel enbellishes the rosary

The beads are very comfortable for use, and allow you to slide the beads through your fingers when chanting mantras with the greatest of ease, freducing any distractions which might arise from having to concentrate upon maintaining a grip on the beads.

A close up shows the different tones which shine through the hardened black hematite bead surface. A very strong nylon cord is used to thread the beads, which guarantees a sturdy and long lasting rosary.

108 bead mala rosary in black hematite

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