Rahu Kam Duang - Nuea Tong Khaw - 3 Takrut Serm Duang + Garuda - 'Baramee Phu Jao' edition 2555 BE - Luang Phu Naen Kampiro - Wat Ban Kaset Tung Sethee

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Rahu Kam Duang (Eclipse God to improve your karma and fate). Made from Tong Khaw (white metals Sacred Alloy with high quantity of silver). Empowered each night during a 3 Month 'Traimas' retreat by LP Naen in his Kuti, and finally given a massive major empowerment with Puttapisek ceremony. The front face features Pra Rahu eating the Moon, with a Buddha Image on its forehead, and Sacred Khom Incantaitons embossed on the bottom.

The Rear face is filled with Muan Sarn Maha Lap Maha Choke (Sacred Powders with powers to increase Luck, Good Fate and Prosperous Fortunes). Three Takrut Serm Duang for improved Karma and Fate are inserted, along with a Garuda bird for the Power to overcome and rise above obstacles, enemies and dangers.

Size; 4 Cm High x 3.5 Cm Wide.

Only 999 amulets were made in all in this particular Sacred Metal. The Design of the Pra Rahu Eclipse God is very finely decorated with Lai Thai style markings and

This edition saw a large range of duifferent amulets in different materials issued, including Rahu, Phu Jao Saming Prai images (Tiger face Ruesi), and some Sariga Pak Dee amulets.

Comes with original box from temple

Kata Chanting and Bucha Method for worshipping Pra Rahu

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