Ran Sa-Or Yer Niang Edition Amulets 2555 BE - Luang Por Khern, Wat Klong Buri

This 2555 BE Edition from Maha Sanaeh Master Luang Por Khern, of Wat Klong Buri Temple (Roi Et). Thiss Edition included some Paetch Payatorn Metta Amulets with multiple Takrut and Gemstones, 2 Versions of Khun Phaen Jet Naree Pan Hlak Maha Sanaeh powder amulets, some Takrut Wicha Nang Yaem encased in Metta Oil (Nam Man Nang Yaem), 2 versions of 9 Tailed Fox Lockets with Takrut, 9 Tails Fox and Gemstone Inserts, 'Nam Man Nang Yaem' Prai Oil in Phials, and some Golden Faced Kumarn Tong Bucha statues in Small and Large Sizes.