Rian Paya Ngang Saen Sanaeha - Nuea Albaca Pork Pong Sanaeha 9 Takrut Roi Choo (Albaca with Nine '100 Lovers Takrut' and Maha Sanaeh powders in rear face) in Waterproof Casing - Ajarn Kom Traiwaet

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Paya Ngang Magical Deity Coin made from Sacred Silver Alloys (Albaca). This is a special form of Ngang Deity, the word 'Paya', or 'Praya' in Thai, being used as a Prefix to insinuate high level status, the 'Paya Ngang' is thus a High Level Deva in his Realm. This Pra Ngang amulet in Coin version is the first time ever that Ajarn Kom Makes a Ngang in this form. Empowered with various incantation such as the Montr Sanaeh Maha Lap (Riches spell) Jinda Manee Montr, Montr Gan Kun Sai (prevent Black Magick), Montr Gan Gratam (Protection from enemies), protect from lightning and house fires.This kind of Ngang is powerful in three ways; Maha Sanaeh (attraction charm), Kaa Khaay (good selling power) and Klaew Klaad (protect from and evade danger).

This is made the more obvious by the fact that this Ngang is sitting on a Lotus, and has a very powerful aura around his head. Ngang exist in both Male and Female forms, 'Por Ngang' being the male variety, and 'Mae Ngang' being the Female Counterpart.

The front of the coin features Paya Ngang sitting on a Lotus Throne with sacred Khom Agkhara spells written around the edge of the coin with Maha Sanaeh Magic. The Deva is dressed in fine regalia. This version has Krang Putsa pasted on the front to increase Maha Sanaeh attraction and desire in the hearts of lovers, customers and friends (desire to help you, desire to love you, desire to buy your wares..). The rear face is covered in a thick layer of sacred 'Pong Maha Saneh' powders. Nine 'Takrut Roi Choo' spells are inserted -'Roi Choo' means '100 lovers'. Sacred Powder is pasted once more after the insertion of the Takruts.

Ajarn Kom Trai Waet

What is the Pra Ngang Deity? How to Worship - Kata Pra Ngang

Ajahn Kom

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