Rian Perth Australia 'Run Metta Maha Mongkol' - Luang Por Phern - Nuea Tong Daeng Khad Ngao - Wat Bang Pra

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This most exquisite amulet is known as the "Perth Mint Western Australia" edition is from the 2537 BE 'metta Maha Mongkol' edition of amulets. It is known popularly as the 'Rian Perth' (Perth Coin), simply because it was made at a Perth factory of Western Australia. On the bottom of the front face you can see the words 'Perth Mint'.

The front face features a Cameo of Luang Por Phern, and the rear face has Yant Kroo Paed Tidt, encircling a Tiger - the symbol of Luang Por Phern. It is most suitable for both Men and Women as well as Children, due to its medium size, and light weight. Comes in a sealed waterproof casing included in the price.

The coins were made in Australia then sent to Luang Por, who then blessed them on the 25th of December 2536 at 19:19 pm which was a Saturday and these times and dates all coincided for very powerful Metta Mahaniyom power. Luck, Happiness, Safety, Charm, Popularity and Riches come to those who truly make Bucha to Luang Por Phern through his amulets.

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