Rian Pra Narai Maha Bpraap - Run Raek (1st edition) - Luang Phu Noi - Wat Bor Luang

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Narai (Vishnu) medallion for Metta Mahaniyom, protection and winning, blessed by Luang Phu Noi of Wat Bor Luang. The front face features Pra Narai holding a Cosmic Weapon in each of his eight arms, and defending the world from all evils and dangers. The Root Mantra "Om" os embossed in three Ancient Khom syllables using the Buddhist sacred kata "Ma A U" (A+U+Ma= Aum = Om). A second "U" letter in Khom is embossed as a code of authenticity and for recognition of batch code. Ongk Pra (Buddha image) is embossed on the top of this rhomboid shape medallion in Nuea Tong Lueang Galai Tong

Vishnu Pra Narai and Nok Kum Sariga Thai amulet

The rear face features a Yant with Nok Kum Bird for Metta and attraction of admirers, customers and lovers.

4.46 3.07 150 Grams - comes without case

999 amulets made in this limited first edition

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