Rian Pra Pid Ta Sri Maharach 2547 BE Pim Lek Nuea Nava Loha Luang Por Huan Wat Putai Sawan.

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The world famous 2547 BE edition Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan of Wat Putai Sawan, in Pim Lek small size (2 Cm diameter) in Nava Loha (9 Sacred Artifact Metal Alloy). Being a Pim Lek

The Rian Pid Ta Sri Maharach 2547 BE edition amulets of Wat Putai Sawan are among the most worshiped and popular of all Pid Ta Pang Pagan amulets, renowned for their great beauty and powerful blessing ceremony. The edition was blessed on 5th April 2547 BE, with a host of powerful Master Monks present to assist in empowering.

Among the monks present for the blessing ceremony were; Luang Por Huan (Wat Putai Sawan), Luang Por Tim (Wat Pra Khaw), Luang Por Ruay (Wat Tago), Luang Por Perm (Wat Bom Gaew), Luang Por Poon (Wat Ban Paen), Luang Por Chalerm (Wat Prayat), Luang Por Iad (Wat Pai Lom), Luang Por Sawad (Wat Sala Poon), and Luang Por Atichote (Wat Putai Sawan).

Free Worldwide Registered Air Parcel Shipping is included in the price.A compendium of various sacred artifacts, ancient takrut and other metallic amulets of previous editions including a large number of the Rian Stamp Pang Pagan 2530 edition. Ancient metallic statues and artifacts were also smelted into sacred ingots and inscribed with speells, for the casting of the coins.

The Rian Pang Pagan was made in two sizes, the Pim Yai measuring 3.2 Cm in diameter, and Pim Lek measuring 2.0 Cm diameter, and in various kinds of sacred metals.

The amulet is an immensely rare amulet to find in the present era. The amulets were made to raise funds for the building of a Pra Mondon Spired Shrine at Wat Putai Sawan.

The front Face features the Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan in Traditional Nakorn Sri Tammarat style Buddhist Art, with the words 'Por' (Father) and 'Mae' (Mother), embossed either side of the head of the Buddha. The Buddha is entering Nirodha (symbolized by his hands covering his eyes). A spiral energy force is over the Buddha's navel, with a sacred Na Normo within it.

The rear face has been constructed with an arrangement of Adept Spells and Astrological Symbols, empowered with their respective Planetary Invocations. In the center is a Yant Duang for reversal of Negative Karma and Improvement of Fate and Destiny, and the border is encircled with 8 Pra Rahu Asura Deva Eclipse God Images. The amulets were released along with various models of Jatukam Ramataep in a major blessing ceremony.

The amulet offers all kinds of blessings ranging from Protective magic against Ghosts, Demons and Black Magic, Bullets and Knives, Car and other Transportation Accidents, Incite Luck and Wealth, attract Prosperity, and Improve Karma.

This Pang Pagan is an Indisputable Classic Collectors Amulet of Great Sacred Power, Which has attained its own 'Dtamra' (legendary status) with its own traceable and Catalogued History. Accepted and Admired in all Amulet Collector Circles, and considered to be a powerful Kong Grapan and Anti Black Magic amulet.

Kata Pra Pid Ta

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