Rian Pra Pikanes Hlang Ruesi Por Gae - Run Sethee Mee Sukh - Nuea Loha Long Ya Sam Kasat (Tricolor Enamel) - Luang Phu Key Gittiyano - Wat Sri Lamyong

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Luang Phu Key created a most Elegant amulet with this Pikanes (Ganesha) Deity, with Por Gae Ta Fai Ruesi Kroo Deity on the rear face.

Both Deities represent removal of obstacles, and success, with Por Gae also offering protection from both worldly and unworldly dangers. Made with the Sethee Mee Sukh edition and blessed in 2550 Puttapisek ceremony at Wat Sri Lamyong. Comes without case in original box from the temple of Wat Sri Lamyong, in Surin. Made from Nuea Sam kasat (three colored enamels of gold silver and bronze, with a white pearled enamel background)

Useful for many different professions and walks of life, the protection and assistance offered from both Deities of this doubly empowered amulet is a source of Success and Attainments for the Person who makes Bucha to these Deities. This amulet is apparently becoming popular with gamblers.

 The rear face bears the numbered limited edition code number 340 and the code 'Na' in Ancient Khom lettering.

  • Katas for Ruesi
  • Kata Pra Pikanes

    Ongarapintunaathang Ubpannang Prahmmano Ja Into Pikkanesadto Mahaa Taewo Ahang Wantaa Misappataa Sittigijjang Sittigammang Sittigaariyang Bprasittimae

    โองการพินธุ นาถังอุปปันนัง พรหมมะโน จะอินโธ
    พิฆฆะเนศโต มหาเทโว อะหังวันทา มิสัพพะทา สิทธิกิจจัง
    สิทธิกัมมัง สิทธิการิยัง ประสิทธิเม

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