Rian Pra Sivali Nuea Tong Fa Badtr 2515 BE Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree + Blessings by Luang Phu To & LP Ngern

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Pra Sivali metallic coin amulet with Kata Hua Jai Pra Sivali in Khom Agkhara embossed on the rear face, Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree (Lay Master Sorceror of the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or). This edition was made by Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree and blessed for 3 days and nights at Wat Chamni Radtakarn (Wat Sam Ngam) in Bangkok, with the first day of blessings beginning on the 25th February and ending on the 28th February 2515 BE.

Free registered airmail shipping worldwide is included with this amulet. Weight of this item will not be calculated when ordering multiple items. The Lay Master Invitation of the Devas ceremony was performed by the maker of this edition, Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree of the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy of Sorcery. Somdej Pra Teerayan Muni (Abbot of Wat sam Ngam) was the Ordained Officer performing the lighting of the Victory Candle to begin the Buddha Abhiseka. Luang Phu To of Wat Pradoo Chimplee performed Nang Prok empowerment, along with Luang Por Supoj (Abbot of Wat Sutat) and Luang Por Ngern of Wat Don Yai Horm, amongst other great masters.

The Rian Pra Sivali is renowned for its effectivity and ease with which it performs its magic, and is said to be a sure bet as far as true effective Metta Mahaniyom & Maha Lap Magic are concerned. Pra Sivali is commonly pictured with the ‘Glod’ (umbrella), representing a traveling forest monk (Tudong), who lives in simplicity and travels light, with the minimum of belongings to carry. Apart from as a statue on the altar for making reverence, small miniature statuettes of Pra Sivali are very popular as luck bringers to carry around at work during the day, and increase ones fortune.

There are many devotees who believe that the rian Pra Sivali, and the Takrut Maha Burut 8 Jampuak of Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree, should be worshipped and worn together, and in fact in the opinion of many, should be used together in conjunction with each other for the maximum effect.

One can sometimes find examples of these two amulets bound together into one, as we have been lucky enough to find and present to you. They are bound in order to be worshipped as one single amulet, or as a pair in conjunction. Such examples are extremely sought after, and a highly valued by serious devotees, of Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree.

Takrut Hua Jai Maha Burut 8 jampuak + Rian Pra Sivali Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree

It is said, that the two amulets of Sivali, and Takrut Maha Burut, are best worn and worshipped together as one set.The Pra Sivali should be empowered through chanting the Kata Hua Jai Pra Chimplee.

Kata Hua Jai Pra Chimplee

Na Chaa Lii Dti

This amulet is intended to produce Maha Lap great fortunes and gaining praise from those who approach, in a most miraculous fashion. One can gain merit by virtue of Pra Sivali's holy blessing and is has been proclaimed that anyone who bears this magical charm and practices the Buddha Dhamma and contemplates the Ariyasacca Four Noble Truths regularly will become wealthy and maintain that wealth gained, one who is unlucky will become lucky.

Those without rank or title will receive such, those who don't have a husband or wife will soon find themselves the love they seek, spouses who quarrel will reconcile, those who find it difficult to conceive children will soon find themselves with child, the bearer will graduate intellectually, houses will be protected, farms will produce greatly and shops owners will see great sales.

Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree

This Amulet is very particularly a Buddhist object of veneration and as such, requires that merit be made in order to super charge and maintain the good fruits of ownership of this amulet.

How to make Merit as a Buddhist; To make Merits, there are three levels which have ever deepening levels of subtlety of practice; 1. Dhana (Giving/Generosity), 2. Sīla (Moral Virtue and restraint, and 3. Bhavanā (Vipassana Practice of Meditation and Introspection to achieve Enlightenment).

Dhāna (Generosity) can be practiced by donating alms to monks, temples, or to help people in need or charities, or to practice self renunciation and put others before your own self interests, is also generosity. On a higher level, if you are able to teach others the Buddha-Dhamma, then the gift of Dhamma Teachings, is the Supreme Gift, and brings Great Merits and Good Karma to he who gives this kind of gift to others. the Dhamma is the path to liberation from suffering, and hence, the greatest of all gifts.

As to Sīla (Virtue(, one should find oneself within the 5 Precepts of not stealing, not killing or harming other beings, not being adulterous or indulging in perverse activities, not speaking ill of others or lying, or gossiping, or causing schisms by telling tales, and not being a drunkard or an intoxicated hedonist.

As to Bhavana (Practice) - the first level of practice is to perform Bucha by lighting incense and prostrating to the Buddha, and chanting prayers, and study and read the Buddha-Dhamma. The next level is to begin to Practice Samatha Meditation, and the Higher Practice begins with the practice of the 40 methods of Vipassana, and reaches its highest level for those who wish to devote their lives to the Dhamma, with Buddhist Ordination as a Bhikkhu Monk.

Joss stick offerings should be presented to the base of Buddha images daily (preferably the Pricipal Buddha Image at a temple), one should prostrate comtmeplting the Triple Gem revering and practing the Buddha Dhamma ensuring luck and protection from danger of any kind.

The method by which one should develop the proper conditions and mental state for veneration should be to practice a type of Vipassana mindfulness and contemplation of the Buddha by inhaling slowly keeping in mind the Buddha, saying to oneself "Put" and exhale "To" (Putto), do this often and repeatedly and further chant "Ta Su Ni Ma" many times until your heart is content.

Those who wear and wish to benefit from this amulet, must rever it diligently, and must make an official oath to the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha to leave sinful and immoral activity forever, and to practice Metta and offerings to the Sangha.

Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree in the Sacred Cave at Khao Or

It is guaranteed that if the proper ceremony is completed in accordance with the Dtamra Text and those who wear the amulet can keep these rules, they will be completely safe and protected from the predicted evils of the world that Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree has fortold and have miraculously come true. The proceeds from the orignal purchase of these amulets went to construct an image of Pra Sivali.

Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree and Company

The Sivali coin is small in size and perfect for Ladies, Children, or for men to wear as a lateral amulet to the side of a larger central amulet when wearing neck-chains with multiple amulets attached. For Metta and Auspicious Buddhist Blessings, then you should just use the Kata Maha Namasakara first and then the Kata Bucha Pra Sivali (Pra Chimplee).

Various Kata Bucha Pra Chimplee (Pra Sivali)

Ahang Wantaami Siiwaliitaadtuyo Ahang Wantaami Sappaso

Kata to Bucha Pra Sivali

Iminaa Saggaaraena Siiwalii Thaerang Apibpuchayaami

(When you chant this whilst making Bucha to Pra Sivali, then say in your inner heart
silently the following words;

Bpuchidtang Sappalaapang Bprasitti Mae Thaerassa Aanupaawaena Sappa So Thee Pawandtu Mae

Kata Pra Sivali (Luang Por Guay – Wat Kositaram, Chaynat)

Siiwalii Ja Mahaa Thaero Bpajjaya Laapa Buchidto Manusso Taewadtaa Into
Pramaayamo Yagkha Waa Bpidtassa Nirandtarang Bpana Laapa Saggaarae
Aanaendti Nijjang Siiwalii Thaerassa Laapo Saggaaro Hodti Siiwalii Mahaa Thaeran
Ja Buchagassa

Sataawaabi Kaatanja Sangwadt Dtanassa Laapo Ja Saggaaro Hodti Thaerassa
Aanupaawaena Laapo Mae Hodtu Sappataa Aedtaena Sajja Wachaena Laapo Mae
Hoedtu Sappataa

Kata for chanting when going on Business trips
Na Chaa Liidti Bpasitti Laapaa

Kata Hua Jai Pra Chimplii (heart Mantra of Pra Chimplii)

Saatu Siwalii Ja Mahaa Thaero Na Chaa Li Dti Bpasitti Laapaa Bpasanna Jidt Dtaa
Sataa Hondti Bpiyang Ma Ma Sappae Chanaa Pahu Chanaa Sappae Tisaa Samaa
Kadtaa Gaala Pochanaa Wigaala Pochanaa Aakaj Chaaya Aakaj Chaahi Bpiyang Ma

Short Kata Pra Sivali

Siiwalii Ja Mahaa Thaero Chay Ya Sitto Mahit Tigo Thaerassa Nupaawaena

Katas for Pra Sivali for each day of the week

Sundays (Chant 6 times) – Chimpalii Ja mahaa Naamang Sappa Laapang Pawissadti
Thaeras Saanupaawaena Sataa Hondtu Bpiyang Ma Ma

On Mondays (Chant 15 times) – Yang Yang Bpuriso Waa Idthii Waa Turaehi Waa
Sami Bpaehi Waa Thaeras Saanpaawaena Sataa Hondti Bpiyang Ma Ma

On Tuesdays (Chant 8 times) – Chimpalii Ja Mahaa Thaero Soho Bpajjayaa Timhi
Chaeya Laapo Mahaa Laapo Sappa Laapaa Pawandtu Sappataa

On Wednesdays (chant 17 times) Tidt Dtidt Tha pa Wae Rachaa Biyaa Ja kara Dtu
Mae Yae Saaradt Dti Niran Dtarang Sappa Sukhaa Wahaa

On Thursdays (Chant 19 times) – Chimpalii Ja Mahaa Thaero Yagkhaa Taewaa Pi
Bpuchidto Soraho Bpajjayaa Timhi Ahang Wantaami Sappataa

On Fridays (Chant 21 times) – Chimpalii Ja Mahaa Thaero Taewadtaa nara
Bpuchidto Soraho Bpajjayaa Nimhi Mahaa Laapang Garondtu Mae Laapaena Udt
Dtamo Hodti Sappa Laapang Pawandtu Sappataa

On Saturdays (Chant 10 times) Chimpalii Ja Mahaa Naamang Intaa Prahmaa Ja
Bpuchidtang Sappa Laapang Prasitti Mae Thaeras Sanupawaena Sataa Sukhii
Bpiyang Ma Ma

Ancient Kata for Pra Sivali

“Saatu Siwalii Ja Mahaa Thaero Ugaasa”

(Say in your heart) “May the magical powers of luck and fortune of Pra Sivali Thaera be installed within my perception, mind and body. As Pra Sivali was often a safe refuge for the Buddha, the Arahants and the 4 thousand Dhamma Khandas, thus so shall Pra Sivali Thaera be my refuge. May his immense power of Metta Mahaniyom and Choke Laap Saggaara generate riches andgood fortunes in life, For absence of material things leads to physical suffering and plight”.

Ajarn Chum is one of this Century's world Famous Masters renowned for his authentic powers.

His performance of Kong Grapan Magical Might, has been recorded on video for posterity in the below piece of old film documentation.

Kata Pra Sivali

There are many different ancient Kata in existence for the invocation of Metta / Maha Sanaeh in the Practice of Thai Buddha Magic. Incantation is one of the base elements of Magical Empowerment, and serves many purposes from calling upon Devas and Spirits to assist, up to invoking the strengths or qualities of a particular animal or element to assist in achieving ones desired results. Of the Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh category of Magical incantation, the qualities available for application are those of Inducing Compassion, Popularity, Attractiveness, Charm, Attract generosity from others, Increase Popularity, Enchantment (Love Charms), Promotion (Popularity), and Good Business sales.

Kata Maha Sanaeh

Janto Apagandtaro Bpidti Bpiyo Taewa Manussaanang Idthiyo Bpuriso Ma A U U Ma A Iswaasu Igawidti Chant 3 times before going out to meet other people, and it will make those we are about to meet feel Metta and be attracted to us. You can also make the incantation and blow it into the amulet, see pheung balm, or palm of your hand for safe traveling.

Kata Rak Tae (True Love Enchantment Spell)

Om Namoputtaaya Puttang Saradti Tammang Saradti Sangkang Saradti Jidtang Samaaraema Ma Aehi Aehi Chayya Aehi Sappae Chanaa Pahuu Chanaa Aehi

You can make this Incantation and cast it by blowing into a bonbon or lozenge, and then suck on the lozenge when speaking with the person we wish to Enchant. They will become Enamored in You the more you speak.

Kata Mad Jai (Fetters of the Heart Spell)

Na Phuug Mo Mat Put Rat Taa Reung Ya Greung Kare Om Swaaha Puttang Radtanang Tammang Radtanang Sangkang Radtanang

Chant before going to sleep to make Your partner think about and Miss You (fall in Love with You)

Kata Jai Awn (Heart Softener Kata for Mercy)

Bpanjamang Sirasang Khaadtang Na Ot Jai Na Gaaro Hodti Sampawo Dtiiwaana Na Gaarang Bpanja Sampawang

Use this when needing to Plead with your Debtors, or other similar situations where you need Mercy

Kata Jao Nai Metta (mercy from your Boss)

Bpanjamang Sirasankhaadtang Naahaaya Na Gaaro Hodti Sampawo Iswaasu

Kata Metta Mahaniyom

Na Maedtaa Mo Garunaa Put Bpranii Taa Yin dee Ya Aen Duu Sappa Sittimang Biyang Ma Ma

Chant and blow into Yantra cloths or amulets.

Kata Samak Ngaan (Applying for getting a Job Spell)

Puttassaahang Niyaataemi Sariran Chiwidtan Jidtang Namo Midtaa Manussaa Ja Na Maedtaa Mo Garunaa

Kata Jerajaa (Discussion and Conference Enchantment)

Na Mo Puttaaya Ma A U Yataa Put Mo Na U A A Iswaasu Sappatassa A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu Pa

Use before going into discussion, conference or interviews, court cases etc.

Kata Kaa Khaay Dee (Good Sales)

Om Idtiputtatsa Suwannang Waarach-Chakang Waamanii Waawadt-Dtang Waa Pappayanla Aehi Kaakachwandti

Use to chant and blow over your amulets, wares, or chant into prayer water, and sprinkle on the doorway and goods in your store.

Alternative Version for Merchants, Salesmen and Shop Owners

Puttang Pahuu Chanaanang Aehi Jidtang Aehi manussaanang Aehi Laapang Aehi Maedtaa Chompuu Tiibpae Manussaanang

Idthiiyo Bpuriso Jidtang Pantang Aehi

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