Rian Rahu Song Krut Khee Suea (Rahu riding Garida on Tiger) 2550 BE - Nuea Samrit Chup Tong (bronze with gold plating) - Ajarn Kom Traiwaet - Asrom Baramee Por Gae (Supannburi)

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Pra Rahu is depicted riding the Garuda Deity who is in turn enthroned by two Nagas and is seated upon a tiger. Serm Baramee Amnaj Wasana Magic (increase merit, power, influence and status).Made and Released in 2550 BE by Ajarn Kom, these coins have now already become a rarity.  This amulet also protects against black magic. Made from Nuea Samrit (bronze) Chup Tong (with gold plating). the rear face has the special yant Kroo of Ajarn Kom emblazoned on it.

Thai Amulet

Good for promotion and power in professional activities,protection, and increased influence on others. deals with gossip in the office and backstabbers. The benefits and powers of three diffferent Deities combine to give power, protection, wealth attraction, and improvement of horoscope.

5 Cm high, 3 Cm wide (6 Cm x 3.5 Cm iincluding casing).

Biography of Ajarn Kom Traiwaes

Thai Amulet

Kata Bucha Pra Rahu

12 repetitons of the Kata Bucha Pra Rahu are to be Chanted;
Idtipiso Pakawaa Pra Rahuu Sataewaa Samaa Winyaana Idtipiso Pakawaa Putta Sangmi

Download Sound Tutorial Files
Kata to Bucha Pra Rahu Short Daily Chanting
Rahu Bucha Offerings Kata
Pra Kata Suryan Bappaa
Kata Jantra Bappaa

Kata Surya Buppaa (Kata to be chanted in the daylight)

Gusaedto Ma Ma Gusaedto-dto Laalaa Ma Ma  Dtolaamo Tolaamo Ma Ma Tolaamo Ma Ma Tolaamodtang Haegudti Ma Ma Haegudti

Kathaa Jantrabupbhaa (Kata to be chanted in the night time)

Yadt-thadtang Ma Ma Dtangthaya Dtawadtang Mamadtang Wadtidtang Saegaa Ma Ma Gaasaegang Gaadtiyang Ma Ma.Gaadtiyang Ma Ma Yadtigaa

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