Rian Roop Muean Hlang Pra Narai Plaeng Roop - Nuea Sam Kasat - Buraphajarn Edition 2549 BE - Luang Phu Ka Long Khiaw Gaew - Wat Khao Laem

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Rian Roop Muean Luang Phu Ka Long Khiaw Gaew hlang Pra Narai Plaeng Roop - Buraphajarn 2549 BE Edition Copin Amulet with the Great Guru Monk Luang Phu Ka Long with the God Vishnu Transforming on rear face, in Nuea Sam Kasat (3 Kings - Bronze, Silver Gold Finished surface)

Now an extremely rare Amulet from the great master of Wat Khao Laem. This immensely beautiful and powerful amulet from the Deceased master with the crystal tooth in the roof of his mouth, has now become an essential rarity immensely sought after by Devotees and speculative collectors alike, and is in every case an internationally accepted Master-Class Amulet, and a great classic of amulet making history. The amulet comes already encased in waterproof casing with golden colored border frame.

The front face features the image of Luang Phu Ka Long, sat in meditative lotus posture, surrounded by masses of sacred Yantra and Khom Agkhara Spells. The image is in Sam Kasat, coated with a Bronze, Silver and Gold Plated Powder finish.

The coin has the limited series code stamp 3971 on the bottom of Luang Phu's Civara robe

The face of the coin has the sacred Yant spells embossed which rise up from the surface, a high quality cast coin amulet which is made from alchemical chanuan muan sarn artifact metals, smelted into sacred substance, and plated with golden finish.

The rear face of the amulet features the image of Pra Narai (the god Vishnu) in the 'Plaeng Roop' Posture, which represents the God Vishnu in transformation from the Apsara Dancing Deva, back into the God Vishnu, after deceiving the Demon Yaksa Nontuk, who he entinced into a dance, and tricked into performing the move called 'Nak Muan Hang' (Naga coiling his tail), which made Nontuk cut off his own leg with his diamond finger. This depicts a scene from the Thai Ramakien Epic, in which Vishnu kills the demon Nontuk, and sends him to be reborn a the Demon Totsagan, and himself to be reborn as the God Rama.

This coin is as are all amulets of the deceased master of wat khao laem, an immensely sought after amulet, and immensely rare, as being from one of the early editions (2549), in Wai Kroo, and is made from extremely sacred artifacts and substances.

For this reason, the metallic amulets of Luang Phu are extremely preferred from this edition, due to the fact that they contain ancient Khmer statues which were smelted into the metallic alchemical metal substance for the amulets.

LP Ka Long became extremely famous when news got out of his crystalline tooth (Khiaw Gaew) in the roof of his mouth, just as Hanuman has in the Ramakian Epic.

This is seen as a sign of his great Merits, as well as the story of his meeting with Phu Ruesi Hnaa Suea (tiger faced Ruesi Deity), and his subsequent mastery of the Wicha. All Luang Pu Ka Longs amulets have become classics and almost always quickly disappear into the homes of his many many Looksit around the Planet.

How to Bucha Chant to the Triple Gem first (3 times), then think of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha and strengthen your conneciton with them in your heart and mind. Then chant the following Kata;

Kata Bucha

Idtibpiso Wisae Sae I Isae Sae Putta Na Mae I Imae Naa Puta Dtang So Iso Dtang Putta Bi Dti I Iswaasu Suswaa I

Na Mo Puttaaya Pra Putta Radtanayaan Manee Nopparat See Sahassa Sutammaa Putto Tammo Sangko Yataa Put Mo Na Putta Buchaa Tamma Buchaa Sangka Buchaa Akee Taanang Warang Kantang Siwalee Ja Mahaa Thaerang Ahang Wantaami Turadto Ahang Wantaami Taadtuyo Ahang Wantaami Sappaso Putta Tamma Sangka Buchaemi

Magical Properties;

Klaew Klaad, Choke Laap, Maha Lap, Pongan Phii, Gae Aaathan, Kong Grapan, Metta Mahaniyom, Sanaeh Serm Yos, Serm Duang.

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