Rian Roop Muean Hlang Taw Maha Prohm Nuea Tong Daeng Chae Nam Montr Luang Phu Pa Wat Bua Rarom 2553 BE

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Only 999 of these amulets made. "Chae Nam Montr' (soaked in prayer water and recieve chanting and meditational empowerment for 3 months). Blessed in Traimas Ceremony in 2553 BE for the 83rd year of life of LP Pa, the coin has Pra Prohm Brahma on the Rear face embossed, for Victory in one's endeavours, protection, prosperity and evade suffering, and to Attract people from all four directions of the globe towards you, for popularity and success.

Size; 5Cm x 3.9 Cm

Luang Phu Pa, Prime Looksit of Luang Por Mum, and Master of Saiyasart from Jampa Sak (Laos). He was the magical peer, great friend, and accomplice of Legendary Miracle Monk Luang Phu Hmun Tidtasilo, whose amazing powers and miracle amulets have begun to surface lately, causing a Public furor in Thailand for acquiring amulets in this lineage of Magic Guru Monks

Luang Phu Pa was generous to have Metta to hand inscribe sacred Kata on the coins and empower them individually. You can see the marks of his Jarn Hlek (needle for inscription of Yantra) on the surface of the Medallion.

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