Rian Roop Muean Kroo Ba Kasem Khemago - Nuea Nava Loha - Run Hnuay Rop 17 Pan.2 edition 2536 BE

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Famous MOnk Coin from the 17th Commando Marines Regiment 2nd Edition Coin. One of LP kasems preferred collector editions, made from Nava Loha. The coin was issued on the 15th April 2536 BE after recieving empowerments from Luang Por Kasem.

Luang Por Kasem is one of the most pure and revered Monks in living Thai History, and his image is a Sacred reminder of Morality, as well as a powerful protection against all dangers and evils, and a powerful tool for improving ones luck and fortunes. Comes with Original Box from Temple. Waterproof casing available if ordered.

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