Rian Roop Muean Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri - Pim See Liam Chalu Lai Yok Ongk - Nuea Bronze Nork Chup Tong (Bronze with 24K Gold Plating) - Wat Rakang Kositaram 2555 BE

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A Luxurious Gold Plated Sacred Bronze Fancy Frame encases this Special, Luxury class Collectors Edition Somdej Dto Memorial amulet. This particular model, is a rectangular shaped Pim (Pim See Liam). Released in the Benja Baramee edition of Fine Quality Coin Amulets in 2555 BE at Wat Rakang Kisitaram. The amuletsd were made in various combinations of sacred and precious metals, this one being in Nuea Bronze Nork Chup Tong (Bronze with 24K Gold Plating).

The front face features the Sacred Image of Somdej Pra Puttajarn Dto Prohmrangsri. The rear face has the complete Kata Chinabanchorn embossed. The coins are three piece pieces of Fine Artistic Engineering made from the finest quality Sacred Metals, and cast into one piece with the greatest level of attention to fine detail, This edition of Amulet from Wat Rakang Kositaram, are finely honed Masterpiece amulets of Expert Artisanry and a new Reference Class of Thai Buddhist Miniature Arts.

An essential for all true Devotees of Somdej Pra Puttajarn Dto, and collectors of Wat Rakang Amulets and Wat Gaes Chaiyo Amulet. Pra Somdej Lovers should not pass on this Series. The detailed official documentation of this edition ensures it to be a long term amulet of high regard in the Thai Buddhist Amulet Community.

Released in the 'Benja Baramee' edition at Wat Rakang Kositaram 2555 BE, which was spearheaded by a series of Pra Somdej Wat Rakang, Somdej Gaes Chaiyo amulets, and two different Pim with the Image of Somdej Dtoh. One bell shaped Pim with Somdej Dto on the front face and a Pra Somdej Pim Yai on the rear face, and this rectangular Pim (*Pim See Liam), with the Pra Kata Chinabanchorn Mantra inscription in its entirety in Miniature script on the rear face.

The numbered stamp of the limited edition is also embossed on the rear face of this most beautiful Nava Loha version, whose classic multi toned coloration is one of the most preferred metals with collectors of amulets, due to its durability, classic eternal relevance in the eyes of amulet appreciation societies and competitions, and surety of eventual rarity and increase in value with the passage of time

Two Major Putta Pisek Empowerment Ceremonies were performed on this Series, which you can read about in the documentation of this edition on the link given below.

Read Full documentation of all amulets in this edition here;Benja Baramee Edition amulets Wat Rakang Kositaram 2555 BE

Comes with original Box from the temple - can be encased in Waterproof transparent Casing if Desired, by choosing the option to encase at checkout.

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