Rian Sema Yai Luang Por Sotorn Code Sor First Edition Solid Silver Purple Rachawadee Enamels Limited Series Code Stamp Wat Saman 2561 BE

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First Edition Rian Sema Yai Luang Por Sotorn Solid Silver Buddha Coin Amulet from Wat Saman Ratanaram, with Ya Rachawadee Glazed Enamel coating, in Green enamelled front face, with filigrain Thai Ganok flamed border engravings along the borders of the coin surrounding the Luang Por Sotorn Buddha Image, and limited series number, with the Gammagarn code letter 'Sor' in Khom Agkhgara engraved on rear face.

1599 Amulets were made with single color enamel faces in the code Sor Gammagarn limited series (a further 15,999 coins were made without code Sor stamp as standard versions, distinguishing this Gammagarn version as extreme limited and of much higher collectability, and a steeper vector of price increase over time

Purple is the color for Status, Regal Power and Powerful Magic in General, and is associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. Also attributed as the color for those born in the month of February. But specifically in Thai Astrology, is attributed to those born in on Wednesdays (daytime). Purple is also Magically attributed to be usable for long life if born on a Wednesday, Commanding Power and Status if born on a Monday or Tuesday, Increased Diligence and Success if born on a Friday, Ability in Advice Giving for those born on a Wednesday Evening, Improves Lucky Fortunes in Wealth of those born on Sundays, but is not Lucky for those born on Thursdays.

Released at Wat Saman Ratanaram in Cachoeng Sao, in the year 2561 BE with special blessings from a host of Master Monks. This first ever edition of Wat Saman, was released in limited series, along with Loi Ongk wearable statuettes, and also large Bucha statues (5 and 9 inch bases).

The edition helps to ingress funds for a grand fundraising project, to build a large Hospital for the sick and needy. 1000 Million Baht is needed to build the hospital (about 32 million dollars), which shows how meritorious the Abbot is, to attempt and be halfway through succeeding, in such a high goal oriented mission of compassionate giving.

Free Registered Airmail Shipping Worldwide is included. These coins come from the Gammagarn Special Donation Sponsor series which was not officially available or released as individual amulets, and was only available for larger sponsorship donators, and is differentiated by the ancient Khmer Sanskrit (Khom) Code Stamp of the Letter Sor (Khom Sanskrit S), engraved on the rear face.

These coins come from the Gammagarn Special Donation Sponsor series which was not officially available or released as individual amulets, and was only available for larger sponsorship donators, and is differentiated by the ancient Khmer Sanskrit (Khom) Code Stamp of the Letter Sor (Khom Sanskrit S), engraved on the rear face.

The Rian were made in Pim Lek (small miniatures) and Pim Yai (large version, but still petite enough for ladies to wear), with the Pim Yai being a medium sized amulet measuring 3 x 2.5 Cm, and the Pim Lek meauring 2.5 x 1.5 Cm. The amulet comes with original box from the temple.

Wat Saman Ratanaram is a very large and highly revered temple, in Chachoeng Sao, close to the temple of Wat Sotorn itself, that is visited by millions of Buddhists and Brahman Hindu Devotees from around the world. Famed for its Giant Ganesha, Nagas, Paya Chang elephant, Mae Kwan Yin Bodhisattva (Guan Im in Thai), and Pra Rahu Sacred Statues.

The Luang Por Sotorn Buddha of Wat Sotorn in Bang Pakong, Thailand, was one of the Famous 5 Sacred Thai Buddhas found Miraculously floating down the river. The Buddha was invited to reside in the Temple in an Official Ceremony according to Ancient Traditions. A Monk was found who knew the method of Inviting, and the Buddha was raised up to be installed within the Temple.

Once the Buddha was installed, it was seen to be a Buddha made in the Lan Chang Era. Because it was not overly large to steal, the Monks were worried about its safety and so made a thick outer casing of cement and covered it in gold, to make the Image larger and heavier, rendering impossible to steal.

The Image of the Luang Por Sotorn Buddha is one of the five most Sacred Buddha Images of Thailand and seen as one of the 'Pra Koo Baan Koo Mueang' (Nationally Favored and Connected to Culture) Buddha Images, and one of the most Highly Collected and Officially recognized amulets in Thai History.

The light-ray-like effect, and stiffness of the metallic surface of the amulet around the Buddha, forms an aura that is both beautiful to behold, as well as making the amulet impossible to forge or commit an act of fakery, for only the top quality sacred metals, and the best and most expensive form of block press mold casting, can reproduce this quality and effect on the surface sheen of an amulet.

All Amulets of this Genre become Rare Collectors Items as Time Passes and are seen as a Family Blessing to have in the House, as well as a very secure Investment for ones Children to Inherit. The rear face of the amulet has a series number, and code stamp engraved as marks of authenticity, and collectorship, defined academically as the Rian Sema Luang Por Sotorn Dtok Code Sor (Khom Sanskrit Letter S Code stamp) amulet.

Luang Por Sotorn Amulets have their own Niche Genre and Collector Circles which has now become an I nternational Scene. The casting and empowerment of the Luang Por Sotorn Amulets was made according to the Traditional Method that has been practiced throughout all Generations of Pra Luang Por Sothorn Amulets and Buddha Images. The Chanuan Muan Sarn used for the Casting of the amulets was made from a grand selection of Sacred Alchemical metals, blessed by a Host of Guru Masters.

The Pra Luang Por Sotorn Buddha is, like the Buddha Chinarat, attributed to many lifesaving miracles which have happened over the years in the past and present, and considered to be a very powerful amulet for protection of oneself and one's household, and especially good for protection when traveling (Klaew Klaad), to evade all deadly dangers.

LP Sotorn is of course, also a Buddhanussati amulet, for practitioners of meditation and the followers of the teachings of the Buddha (Buddha-Dhamma) to remember their precepts through the act of wearing the amulet, as a reminder to remain mindful of one's precepts.

Below; Guru Masters contributing Blessings Yantra Foils and Chanuan, and pictures of the Sacred Muan Sarn used in the making of the Pra Luang Por Sotorn amulets.

Guru Masters contributing Blessiings Yantra Foils and Chanuan, and pictures of the Sacred Muan Sarn used in the making of the Pra Luang Por Sotorn amulets

The Buddhanussati (remembrance of Buddha's Enlightenment), serves to inspire the practitioner in meditation and practice of the Buddhist Sammappadhāna (four right exertions), such as Dhāna (generosity practice) Marananussati (Mindfulness of the Uncertainty of Life, and when the moment of Death will come, as a reminder to remain skilful in one's own deeds, for a karma-Free Conscience). It is a clear conscience that allows the mind to still itself through mindfulness of breath, and this is why Sila (Precepts, are one of the three important factors to develop and accumulate according to Lord Buddha's teaching.

The Four Right Exertions (Sammappadhāna), are associated with the Noble Eightfold Path's factor of "right effort" (sammā-vāyāma) and the Five Spiritual Faculties' faculty of "energy" (virya - an attitude of gladly engaging in wholesome activities, to cause one to accomplish wholesome or virtuous actions.),and, are one of the seven sets of Qualities Conducive to Enlightenment.

An All-Time Auspicious Classic Thai Buddhist Amulet, belonging to the Top 5 Most Sacred Buddha Images in the whole Nation, and is perhaps along with Pra Luang Por Chinarat Buddha, and the Emerald Buddha, the top three Sacred Buddhas of Thai History.

Above; Bucha statues released for this Hospital Building edition, for the Grand Hospital for the sick and needy, which requires 1000,000,000 Thai Baht to build the hospital, and which is in continuous need of assistance through Dhana (generosity of Buddhist Devotees). Anyone wishing to donate to the temple directly, who is in Thailand with a mobile phone, can donate 50 Baht per time by calling *679# on mobile phone (make sure 50 Baht credit is on the phone, for the donation to be successfully transferred). The Kata Luang Por Sotorn video tutorial and the video of the Invitation of LP Sotorn to come from the water to the temple are available after purchase in your account in the files tab section.

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