Rian Singh Paetch - Nuea Samrit - Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto - Wat Nong Wa (Petchburi) - waterproof case included

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This beautiful amulet from Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto was empowered by LP Ji in meditation every evening in his Kuti, giving them nightly empowerments every single day from its creation to the day of the final Puttapisek blessing ceremony. The front face features Rachasri Lion, a HI,mapant animal who appears often in the Ramakian Myths. Ratchasri or, in this case in the form of Singh Paetch (diamond Lion), is empowered by Pra Ajarn Ji with Maha Amnaj (Power and Dominion),for strength, commanding force, and success. The fierce Lion is thick skinned and hard to cut or pierce endowing the wearer with Kong Grapan (Invincibility).

Singh Paetch magic coin amulet

Useful for those in administrative or commanding positions, or those who have to be involved in 'Jeraja' (influential discussions), such as in corporate, military or political strategic environments. Also an apt choice for Gamblers or thise involvbed with competitive professions, or amateur activities such as sports, for the Rachasri King Lion will endow the wearer not only with fearful imposing presence, but also with the strength to win fights or competitions.

yant and sacred Na onr ear face of Rachasri Lion medallion Pra Ajarn Ji

The rear face is emblazoned with a couble Na Metta for attraction and charm, protection and luck. Two 'Na Pra Putta Jao' Yantra are additionally emblazoned, for both Protection and Metta.

LP Ji - Pra Ajarn Ji Somjitto - Wat Nong Wa

The amulet is made from 'Nuea samrit' (a kind of golden Bronze alloy, mixed with sacred metals from various sources).

Amulets by Pra Ajarn Ji are becoming extremely sought after and are mostly sold out each edition because the Looksit of Luang Phor Yit know his Lineage and that he is of those lesser heard of Monks who will later be found out to be both a Great practitioner and amulet maker. His amulets are always made in small quantities and usually given an individual empowerment by Pra Ajarn Ji.

Pra Ajarn Ji is the inheritor of the Wicha of Luang Por Yit (sometimes spelled 'Yid'), of Wat Nong Jok. He is especially skilled and famous for his ability to empowerr Palad Khik amulets. The famous Luang Por Yit once said that Pra Ajarn Ji was able to empower amuletsa and cast spells exactly how LP Yit himself did, and that his amulets were just as good as his own.


Kata Hua Jai Rachasri/Singha

Dta Ma Thang Bpagaa Saendto Rachasri Ho Sadtaa Aaha

Pra Kata Paya Rachasri

Putta Saedto Mahaa Nathang Wannago Singha Naatagang Putta Sirasaa Dtaechaena Maara Saena Bparaa Chayyang Chayya Chayya Pawandtumae

Kata paya Rachasri (alternative Verison)

Rachasingho Mahaa Taathang Na Tandto Seehanaatagang Seeha Sira Dtaechaena Sadto badt-Dto Baraa Cheuyyang Jadtutisang Seelawandtang Ragkhidtappang Seeha Seehaa Raacha Raachaa Taewa Manussaanang Bpiyang Sataa Sappa Sadtroo Winaasandti Sappacheuyya Bprasittimae


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