Rian Taewada Mee Sukh Hying Rak Chai Hlong (Devas in Love) - Nuea Tagua Hlang Yant Jarn Mer - Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto - Wat Nong Wa

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3.1 Centimeters wide 5.1Centimeters high, this amulet made from ancient magical lead, has a pair of Lovier Deities on the front (Taewada) who are happily walking together, and embracing. Metta Mahaniyom and Maha sanaeh for successful business, social, and love life.

Taewada Mee Sukh Hying Rak Chai Hlong means "Happy Deities; man falls in love woman falls in love".

The rear face of the amulet has been personally empowered with a hand inscription of sacred Yantra and Khmer Agkhara from Pra Ajarn Ji, making this a special masterpiece amulet from a Monk whose Wicha and amulets are fast becoming a Cult phenomenon.

Comes with waterproof casing included in thge price.

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