Roop Lor Boran LP Tuad Bao Tup Pim Badtr Dto Gammagarn 2554 BE Nuea Maha Chanuan Nam Rerk Ajarn Daeng Wat Rai

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Luang Por Tuad Um Badtr (Wat Chang Hai) Bao Tup Gammagarn special edition amulet from Khao Or Lineage Grand Master 'Luang Por Daeng', or, 'Ajarn Daeng Opaso'. Each amulet has a different limited edition code stamped on the rear face, and a stamp on the base. The appearance of each individual amulet might differ slightly, because of the sacred earth sprinkled over it and the base metals mixed in in a slightly separated consistency when smelting, which gives each amulet a completely individual look.

The amulet Comes in original velvet box from the temple, with free shipping included. All amulets have numbered code and inscription from the hand of Ajarn Daeng. 3 Centimeters high by 2 Centimeters wide

Made in the Song Nam 2554 Lanka Suka edition. This example is the second up of the three top range Gammagarn set collectors edition - made from Nuea Maha Chanuan, and many other sacred ingredients, including bullet many first edition Takruts from Luang Por Daeng. 108 metallic Yantra foils, and pieces of the smelting iron from the Luang Phu Tuad statue built with funds from the 2551 BE Lanka Suka fundraiser. (see pic below). Only 1500 amulets made in the limited edition.

Luang Por Tuad - amulet ingredients used in the smelting process

Empowerment Ceremonies

Piti Te Lor Nam Reuk - 12:00 - 13:30 pm Friday 25th march 2554, which is a very auspicious astrological alignment for prosperity and advancement.

Piti Puttapisek - Friday 17th June 2554 between 06:00 and 07:30 am, which is an astrologially auspicious date and time for development of thriving business and professional success.

Ajarn Daeng, Wat Rai (Pattani)

Ajarn Daeng was one of the most famous and powerful masters of the Khao Or Magical School of practice during the late 90's and early era of the 21st Century, and is highly revered in the Pattani and southern provinces as well as in Malaysia and Singapore. Lately he has taken a back seat during the last years to prctice Vipassana and Meditation, and no longer releases amulets as often as he used to, making his older editions now immense rarities.

Gammagarn editions of amulets always have an extreme amount of sacred ingredients added extra to them, and sometimes recieve extra spells and empowerments too. they are usually only available in very small numbers and are normally sold out before they are even released. This is the very last one we received in 2554, and kept until now, to release for those who missed their chance as the edition was still in circulation, and have been seeking this most classic and famous amulet of 2554.

Kata Luang Por Tuad

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