Roop Lor Pra Putta Chinarat - Nuea Ngern Bad Sam Kasat (solid silver with Tricolor enamel) - Wat Pra Sri Radtana Maha Taat (Pitsanuloke)

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Made from Silver with Sam Kasat enamels (tricolor) - a classic amulet from the temple of Luang Por Pra Putta Chinarat; Wat pra Sri Radtana Maha Tat in Pitsanuloke

Year of Issue; Unknown, estimated around 2540 BE. All amulets from the temple of Wat Pra Sri Radtana Maha Taat recieve large and important Puttapisek empowerment ceremonies that count amongst the largest and most important in Thailand, on a par with Wat Sutat, Wat Pra Gaew, Wat Rakang, Bang Khun Prohm and Wat Sotorn (LP Sotorn).

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