Run Chana Marn 2555 BE - Por Tan Kloi Wat Phu Khao Tong

Flagship of the Run Chana Marn 2555 BE range of Amulets from Por Tan Kloi was the Taep Pra Rahu Phu Plik Chadtaa Pratan Choke Lap amulet, issued in a large array of sacred powders and metals using the finest Wan 108, Kakyayaks powders, and the most Sacred Chanuan Muan Sarn possible for the Sacred Metals used in the smelted coin Versions.

The Pra Rahu amulets were made in;

Nuea Tong Kam Tae (Solid Gold) Multi Coin Set (8 sets made)

Nuea Ngern Tae (Solid Silver) - 425 amulets made

Nuea Ngern Chanuan (solid silver from ancient artifacts) - 310 amulets made

Nuea Nava Loha Tem Suudt (Nine Sacred Metals) - 399 amulets made

Nuea Maekasit Khad Ngao Bang Suan (semi polished) - 501 amulets made. Numbers 1 - 140 are matt non-polished 'Phiw Fai' versions included in the solid gold special collector sets only - the polished 'Nuea Maekasit Khad Ngao Bang Suan' amulets only exist with code number ranging from 141 - 501.

Nuea Maekasit Phiw Fai (matt non-polished) - 140 amulets made, numbered from 1 - 140, and issued onmly included with the solid gold Gammagarn set.

Nuea Nong Chanuan (Bronze and brass artifacts) - 1500 amulets made

Nuea Sadta Loha (seven sacred Metals) - 7104 amulets made - 8 consecutive casting ceremonies with eight separate smelting mixes - each session resulted in varied surface texture, polish, coloration and sheen. 888 amulets were cast in each ceremony making a total of 7104 amulets.

Above; the eight different castings of the Pra Rahu amulet in 'Nuea Sadta Loha'

Nuea Pong Wan (Sacred Powders)- made in 5 different kinds of sacred powders;

Nuea Wan Sabu Luead, Nuea Wan 108, Nuea Wan Din Kakyayaks, Nuea Wan Gon Krok, and Nuea Wan Pid Tong Nam Rerks.

like the Sadta Loha metal amulets, the black colored 'Din Kakyayaks' and brown 'Pong Wan 108' type powder amulets were also made in eight different pressing ceremonies, with 888 amulets being pressed 8 times to total 7104 amulets. on the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th session, black Kakyayaks powder amulets were pressed, on the 2nd 4th 6th and 8th session, brown 'Wan 108' amulets were pressed.

As to the 'Nuea Wan Sabu Luead', 'Pong Wan Gon Krok' and 'Pong Wan Pid Tong Nam Rerks' versions;

Nuea Wan Pit Tong Nam Rerks (black powders with pure gold leaf from the first pressing ceremony) - 554 amulets made, and issued with the solid gold Gammagarn set

Nuea Pong Wan Sabu Luead (red 'blood soap' Sacred Powders) - 888 amulets made

Nuea Pong Wan Gon Krok (mottled color) - 888 amulets made

Apart from the Pra Rahu Serm Duang type amulet, a series of other amulets were made for this Edition, which is a Historic Event in the continuing History in the writing of the Southern Thai 'Khao Or' Magical Tradition.

Putta Pisek/Taewa Pisek (Blessing Ceremony)

The amulets were given two very Important Blessing and Empowerment Ceremonies (Puttapisek/Taewapisek), one in the North Eastern Region of the Isan Country, and the second Empowerment at the Temple of Wat Phu Khao Tong in Pattalung.

A host of Important Adept Masters of the Southern Khao Or Lineage of Sorcerors were present to empower the amulets, and a great deal of Adept Wicha was applied to the Preliminaries and the making of the amulets as far as Ancient Khao or Sorcery requires, using the thousand year old method of Invoking Pra Rahu to attend and bless the amulets.

The Empowerment of the other amulets goes without saying that, being Southern type Khao Or Wicha amulets in Nature, the Khao Or masters empowering them are simply the best choice of empowering this type of amulet. The Pra Pid ta sacred powder amulets are especially interesting for their quality and strong empowerment, and their long future as a classic amulet of ever increasing spiritual (and monetary) value.

Amulets in this Edition;

Boroma Kroo Hun Payont Kum Pay Krong Sap

Nuea Sadta Loha (seven sacred Metals) - 2009 amulets made - stamped code in the sacred powder base, chinese code and series number on back shoulder blade

Pra Pid Ta Pokasap Ruay Choke Ruay Sap

Nuea Wan (Sacred Herbal Powders) - 999 amulets made - LP Kloi's hair inserted into the base, chines code and series number on base.

Pra Kring Mang Mee Sap pratan Choke Lap baramee

4 Cm high 2.8 Cm wide - Nuea Sadta Loha - 1399 amulets made. chinese code and series number on back face, stamped code in sacred powders of the base.

Pra Chaiyawat Nimit Choke Bandan Sap Baramee

3 Cm high 2 Cm wide - Nuea Sadta Loha - 1399 amulets made. chinese code and series number on back face, stamped code in sacred powders of the base.

Rian Lor Han Khang Luang Por Kloi 7 Rorp Bandan Sap

Nuea Sadta Loha Phiw Fai - 3.2 Cm x 2.7 Cm - 1500 amulets made. Chinese code and series numbe stamp on back face.