See Peung Nam Man Plai Sanaeh Nang Plee Dtalab Kroo - Potion spell to gain back a lost lover - Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit

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See Peung Nam Man Plai Sanaeh Nang Plee Lip balm (Dtalab Kroo/Large Pot) - Maha Sanaeh Enchantment and Seduction Balm Potion, with Nam Man Prai Maha Sanaeh Nang Plee (Most powerful spell to gain back a lost lover) By: Ajarn Wirataep Yankroobprasit This highly sought after infamous lip balm by Ajarn Wirataep was cooked and consecrated for an entire year.

The ingredients in the lip balm consist of the 108 great herbs that were collected and brought together along with many secretive (aatan) ingredients to form this most powerful Maha Sanaeh charm. The consecration ceremony took place under 5 consecutive full moons.

See Pheung Nam Man Plai

To use, one can anoint oneself for maha sanaeh, to anoint the entrance of a shop for good business and to thwart slanderous speech, and one can use to anoint ones lips so that no harm can enter into ones life as well as carry on oneself as a general maha sanaeh charm.

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Kata Bucha

Chant Namo Tassa 3 times before: Pakawadta Samanang U Tae Ya Nippanang Sappaedtang Sangsarang Bparamang Sukkang Nasappadti Puttang Nama Seung Ngern Tammang Nama Seung Ngern Sangkhang Nama Seung Singkong (attithan).

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(Intone this kata every time before using the wax and do not eat it).


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