See Pheung Kumarn Jao Sua Noi Wealthy Boy Ghost in Prai Potion Dork Tong &Takrut - Ajarn Wirataep

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Special See Pheung potion with the immersion of the Kumarn Tong Jao Sua Noi Loi Ongk Statuette, with Dork Rak Sorn flower and Takrut Maha Jeta Phuudt inserts, from Lay Necromancer Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit. The Kumarn Jao Sua Noi Wealthy Boy statuette is fashioned in the form of a young boy, sitting naked, with a bag of treasure in his hand, which he is waiting to give to whoever looks after him. The Kumarn Tong is immersed in Sacred Necromantic See Pheung waxy potion, with a sacred Rak Sorn flower, and twin Takrut with the Invocations of the Jedta Phuudt phantom spirits of the Cetabhumi realms, to Imbue it with Maha Sanaeh and Metta Mahaniyom, and Charge up the Power within the Kumarn Tong.

Kumarn Jao Sua Noi Wealthy Boy Ghost Amulet is holding Treasure Sack to give to who takes care of him. Filled with Maha Phuudt Necromantic Prai Powders, and embedded into a box with See Pheung Nam Man Prai Waxy Potion, to Charge with Maha Lap Maha Pokasap and Maha Sanaeh Power.

Empowered with Incantations and Necromantic Invocations of the Kumarn Tong, with The full formula of Invocations for the Kata Akarn Sam Sip Sorng were performed for reanimation of the spirit within the effigy. This is an essential part of Necromantic Empowerment with all Humanoid and Animal form amulets which are imbued with a resident spirit. The Piti Riak Tat 4, Pluk Tat 4, and Hnun Tat 4 rituals were performed, to reanimate the 4 elements within the effigy. This was followed by the Nibbana Sutta. A whole 3 Months Trimester (Traimas) was given to Empower these Kumarn Tong Amulets from Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit - popular with lottery players, traders, gamblers.
The Kumarn Tong is filled with Pong Maha Phuudt, which is doubly empowered through the insertion of a Takrut Jaedta Phuudt, which was empowered with 1,000 Mantras and spells cast first forwards, and then cast once more backwards. Each Takrut within the Kumarn was hand rolled with Incantations and extreme Meditative Focus, to cast protective Spells to prevent entropy of the Wicha contained within the Takrut, the Nam Man Prai, and the Kumarn Tong. This was where the 4 Elements were invoked, awoken and reanimated with Kata Akom, before the Akarn 32 could be performed to reanimate the Kumarn Tong.

The Akarn 32 was performed after the Takrut and Maha Phuudt Powders were inserted, bringing the bone, skin, and other elements of the funerla earths and ashes of the Pong Maha Phuudt, to bring life to the Kumarn Tong through Invocation. The Kumarn Jao Sua Noi was imbued with air, for breath, and fire for body temperature, earth for his physical parts, and water for his fluid elements, blood and mucous.
Ajarn Wirataep then invoked the minds of the Kumarn Devas from the Celestial Realms, who are unborn, but seeking an outlet to make merit, and called them to inhabit and dwell within the effigies.This type of Kumarn is commanded to increase Wealth and Lucky Fortunes, and forewarn of danger. Protect the household and its treasures, and to help improve business.

Ajarn Wirataep is the Looksit of Luang Phu Tao of Wat Khao Grating (Lopburi). Luang Phu was responsible for training him in the use of Magic for riches, as well as the powerful methods of empowerment, such as the Kata dern Taat (make the elements flow) and be inserted into objects.
He learned how to master many Wicha with Luang Phu Tao, including the practice of 'Lob Pong' (writing sacred spells and wiping the chalk off the board by writing more spells on top. The powder chalk which remains is then used for amulets). Before that, he already practiced and studied Saiyasart (Thai magic) with Luang Phu, who was a Master of Prai oils and Maha Sanaeh magic.

Kata Bucha (From Ajarn Wirataep)

Jijeruni Jaedta Sigang Roopang Nipaanang Dtang Nippudt Dting Ma Pa Ta Na Bpathawee Taadtu Teekang Waa Pa Ga Sa Ja Waa Dtō Saendtō Bpassaasō Hattayang Siwang Cheewang Udt Dtae Dt

Short Mantra


From his practice in the forest he learned to speak with the 'Jao tee' (local Devas) and get them to help him to lessen the sufferings of his Looksit with powerful amulets and blessings.

Released in the 'Ruam Bun' Edition to raise funds and make merits for the construction at the temple of Wat Samran Rasadorn Samakee, in Paetchaburn.

Ajarn Wirataep Run Ruam Bun Edition Amulets

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