See Pheung Ma Saep Nang Fang Look Om Pong Prai Takrut Maha Lap Ajarn Salai Gai Mont Lanna

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See Pheung Ma Saep Nang Maha Sanaeh from the Highly Adept, but Reclusive Necromantic Sorceror, Ajarn Salai Gai Mont Lanna - made with Sacred Prai Oil Balm With Wan Gai Dam Black Cockerel Herb, Funereal Earths Serums and Prai Oils, with Takrut Maha Lap and a Look Om Ma Saep Nang Pong Prai powder-ball, embedded into the thick powerful Necromantic Nam Man Prai OIl potion. Ultra High Necromancy and extremely concentrated Prai Necromantic Muan Sarn Formula of Ingredients.

The Look Om embedded within the potion is made from earths of 7 cemeteries and bone powders of a Hoeng Prai Ghost, and are imbued with the reanimation spells to inhabit the Muan Sarn with the mind of the spirit of the Hoeng Prai.

The See Pheung and the Look Om are both empowered with the Wicha Ma Saep Nang Lady Horse Magic, renowned for its Kaa Khaay business sales and Metta Maha Sanaeh Mercy Charm and Powerful Seduction Magic.

This is done by Performing (having first mastered) the rituials of Hnun Taat See, Riak Taat See, Pluk Taat See, Ajarn 32, and the Nibbanana Sutra, to summon and reanimate the spirit mind within amulets and potions according to the ancient Khmer Necromancy Grimoires.

The lid of the container has been painted black and has gold hand made inscriptions of Khon Agkhara Spells for Maha Lap Maha Sanaeh Lucky Wealth attraction, and Power of Seduction. Smear just a tiny bit on your hair, or eyebrows or around the edge of your mouth (only tiny amount), for enchanting speech like the golden tongued heavenly magpie, and attraction power to draw customers, helpful admirers and friends, and other kinds of entourage to you.

This Prai OIl Potion exudes the scent of High Necromancy of the Hoeng Prai Ghosts and is ultra concentrated in its Muan Sarn formula of magickal ingredients, and should be used very sparingly, only smearing a tiny amount to achieve the desired effects.

No side effects or bad karma from the spirits is possible, because Ajarn Salai Gai never forced any of the spirits to dwell within the amulets, rather, made pacts with the Hoeng Prai, who willingly joined hands with Ajarn Salai Gai to increase their chances of an auspicious reincarnation through helping humans using their Prai Hian magic in the amulets to assist in the alleviation of Human Suffering.

Also popular with gamblers to pray to the Hoeng Prai for lucky windfalls in the Casinos and Gambling Dens, and the Promiscuous who like to have nocturnal affairs and an active free sexual lifestyle. The Gay Community have also taken this potion and found it to be effective, both gay women and men have been able to use it successfully.

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