See Pheung Nam Man Prai Maha Sanaeh Nam Ta Haeng Waxy Potion for Seduction & Mercy Charm Ajarn Phu Ee

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See Pheung Nam Man Prai Maha Sanaeh Nam Ta Haeng 'Dry Your Tears' Waxy Prai Oil Potion, for Seduction and Mercy Charm, by Ajarn Phu Ee, of the Samnak Baramee Kroo Bpagam. Made with the most Powerful Prai Oils, Serums, Balms and Prai Powders from Ajarn Phu Ee's repository of Muan Sarn.

This See Pheung Balm waxy potion is for smearing tiny amounts on your eyebrows, forehead, and around your mouth before approaching intended lovers or customers to seduce with your speech, and to emit Maha Sanaeh Magick to attract others to you. Those who are taken by the spell will become infatuated with you (or in the case of customers, your services), and feel the need to think of you.

Chant this Kata 3 times when smearing the See Pheung on yourself;


Ajarn Phu Ee

Ajarn Phu Ee of the Samnak Baramee Kroo Bpagam, is the creator of the legendary Nam Man Prai Gua Po, and the Wicha Phii Hlong Long Sariga Long Rang. He is a lineage master of the Khmer Sorcery Arts and an fully fledged adept of the Wicha of the Samnak Kroo Tam Dton Nam Huay Sai Badtr of Kalasin.

He has mastered the Wicha Saliga Lin Tong and the Montr Kroo Phii Pasom Khloeng. Phu Ee was born in the year 2476 BE, and was from a very young age already interested in Sorcery and would seek out the Kroo Ba Ajarn of his district to beseech apprenticeships in Wicha Maha Sanaeh, Metta Maha Niyom Maha Laluay, Klaew Klaad Kong Grapan Chadtri.

During his early adult life he ordained and spent many years on Tudong crossing over the Border Areas between Thailand and Cambodia, gathering knowledge and Wicha from the forest Hermits and Monks. He also traveled through Buriram, Surin and Sri Saket Provinces to meet with the Great Sorceror Monks of the region and receive Wicha from the great Luang Por Mum (Wat Prasat Yer), Luang Phu Sangkh (Khmer Sorceror Monk), and Luang Por Dam of Wat Kuti, famous for his Buddha amulets with wolf tooth inserts.

He learned many dark and White Arts spells, some of which he still uses, and some forbidden Arts spells he now refuses to use, due to the dangers of certain Black Magic spells. Amongst those spells he no longer uses are the curses that bring ailments and death, spells to cause lovers or husbands and wives to separate, and other types of harmful magic.

He now only practices the Dark and White Sorcery Arts for blessings but no curses, such as healing spells, holy water blessings, make Nam Man Prai for wealth and business and seduction, make Pong Lob Yantra Powders for amulets, Hun Payont, Takrut, and his famous See Pheung Khiaw green waxy potion.

Ajarn Phu Ee has mastered many of the secret forbidden arts such as the Wicha Sek Tapu Khao Tong (enchant nails to appear inside a persons stomach) and Ya Sang (deadly potions and curses). He is a Master Adept of the Wicha Bang Fan, the Wicha Hnang Kwai Khmer (Buffalo Skin Curse), and many other rare and ancient Wicha of the Khmer Dark Arts, too many to mention. These days Ajarn Phu Ee does not perform Curses for Devotees, and only performs auspicious spells and creates amulets to help achieve worldly goals with the help of amulets, spirit companions and guardians.

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