See Pheung Phuudt Maha Sanaeh Dtalab Kroo Khmer Necromantic Prai Oil Balm 2 Takrut + Prai Deva - Wai Kroo 2558 BE - Luang Phu Naen Kampiro

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The See Pheung Maha Choke Maha Sanaeh Pink Prai Oil Balm Potion, from Luang Phu Naen gaew Kampiro of Wat Ban kaset Thung Sethee temple in Roi Et, is a luxuriously decorated and embossed Jumbo size stainless steel container with Sacred Khom Agkhara Spell Inscriptions, and an In Gaew Prai Devas Deity coupled in the act of making love on the lid.

The container is filled with a Pink colored Prai Oil based potion, with a host of Sacred Admixures, including wax of Holy Candles from 19 different temples, 2 Takrut Spell insertions, and a Sacred Powder Mae Nang Prai Deva amulet immersed within the See Pheung.

The See Pheung itself contains a number of important Magickal ingredients including Nam Man Jantr, Nam Man Gaew, Nam Man Maha Sanaeh, and Luang Phu Naen's famous 'Nam Man Sariga Pak Dee' (Celestial Magpie Oil).

See Pheung Maha Choke Maha Sanaeh Luang Phu Naen Gaew Kampiro

Herbal ingredients included Maha Wan Nang Lorm, Wan Khun Phaen, Wan Taep Ramjuan (Dancing Deva), Wan Kumarn Tong, and the incredibly potent Necromantic oil 'Nam Man Phuudt Dtaanii Banana tree Lady Ghost Oil.

1 Takrut Maha Lap and 1 Takrut Maha Sanaeh are inserted

One Takrut Maha Lap for Lucky Wealthy Fortunes, and One Takrut Maha Sanaeh, for Seduction Power, and Mercy Charm, are immersed in the See Pheung Potion.

The edges of the container each have a Kata inscribed which is as follows;

Puttang Bpajjagkhaami Mu Tu Jidt Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Sappae Chanaa Pahuu Chanaa Ma A U Maa Ni Maa Maa

A large number of other Maha Sanaeh Herbs and Flowering Plants and Forest vines, roots and pollens were also added, as the potion was ceremonially boiled in the cauldron with the Incantations of the In Gaew and the Invocations of Mae Hoeng Prai Devas.

The See Pheung was boiled before the Wai Kroo in a special empowerment ceremony on the 9th of January 2558 BE, in front of the giant Brahma Statue at the temple of Wat Ban Kaset Thung Sethee in Amper Pone Tong in Roi Et.

The potion was released during the Wai Kroo Ceremony which Luang Phu Naen performs each year at the end of the rainy retreat Trimester (Traimas). The Traimas empowerment in Wai Kroo was performed on the day of release on the 28th of March 2558 BE.

A Beautiful Mae Nang Prai Deva amulet in sacred Maha Sanaeh Hoeng Prai Powders is embedded into the potion

A Beautiful Mae Nang Prai Deva amulet in sacred Maha Sanaeh Hoeng Prai Powders is embedded into the potion, between the 2 Takrut spells. The lid of the container is a work of art in itself with the further embossment of the In Gaew (In Koo) Prai Devas in symbiotic Tantric Sexual Embrace, embossed upon the lid, with immensely detailed decorative surrounding detail. Two Ongk Pra Sacred Yantra Spells are also engraved upon the lid.

Decorative Lid of See Pheung potion

The Wicha for this See Pheung is pure Ancient Khmer formula according to the Dtamra Saiyasart Khmer which Luang Phu Naen Kampiro has inherited and mastered under his mentors and Kroo Ba Ajarn, and for which he has become Internationally famous for.

Use the below Kata to chant One time, as you smear some See Pheung using your right hand to smear the See Pheung on your Brow;

  • Use the thumb to smear in a clockwise direction for asking for loans
  • Use your forefinger to smear in a clockwise direction when selling things
  • Use your middle finger to smear in a clockwise direction when asking for help or beseeching mercy
  • Use your ring finger to smear in anti-clockwise direction, when seducing Lovers.

Kata Bucha See Pheung Maha Choke Maha Sanaeh

Om Na Sathid Na Sathiarn Wian Won Hlong Dtae Guu Phuu Diaw

Niam I - A Khao MaaChaaradti Chaaradti Bpiyang Ma Ma

Luang Phu Naen Kampiro

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