Siarn Kumarn Tong Maha Sanaeh - Kumarn Head with Prai Oil & Bone Powders for Wealth, Mercy & Protection - Ajarn Apichai decha

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Siarn Kumarn Tong Maha Sanaeh (Head of the Kumarn Tong for Maha Sanaeh Enchantment)By: Ajarn Apichai Decha (Ajarn Natee)

The Head of the Kumarn Tong is an amulet for Maha Sanaeh charm and attractiveness. This particular Kumnarn Tong's abilities include Metta Maha Niyom great popularity and the bestowing of kindness from others upon the owner from friends, associates, strangers and even one’s boss.

The Kumarn Tong is a powerful protector against black magic, as well as being a powerful Metta (Mercy) charm.

Kumarn Tong head AC Apichai

The head of the Kumarn Tong is a charm of Maha Sanaeh attractiveness of calling to out to potential love matches or even to succeed in calling back a former lover as well as calling to money and riches and great luck and lottery win falls.

Because the Kumarn Tong is a charm to call to the owner any and all positive energy, this charm is perfect for shop owners and/or lottery players do to its Chok Lap great luck and fortune and its ability of easily negotiating business and finance. The Kumarn Tong is also a general wish granting charm and a protector of one’s goods.

Kumarn Tong rear face

Kata Bpluk Prai Guman Tong

Jijeruni jittang jaedta siggang rubpang gumaro wa nimittang guman tong nong (name of your Kumarn Tong) aakajchaya aakajchahi aehi aehi na ma pa ta na ma pa ta na ma pa ta

Necromantic Muan Sarn

The usual mixture of necromantic earths, serums, and sacred Nam Man Prai, with a strong concentrated mixture of magical herbs and pollens, were used for the making of the Amulets. In addition the most powerful ingredient of the bone powders of the golden boy, were ground in to the Muan Sarn Sarn Powder base.

Head of Kumarn Tong Ajarn Apichai


A large number of sorcerous, and powerful ingredients were used, some of which include;

Kumarn Tong sacred prai powder amulet

Powdered earth from seven Cemeteries, with collected earths and remains of the ashes of the funeral pyres. Earth from seven giant termite mounds, birth from seven successful sea ports, seven successful marketplaces, seven great cities, seven haunted places, seven successful gambling dens, sacred Nam Man Prai from a Phi Dtaay Tang Glom (Kumarn and Mother), and a host of Maha Sanaeh herbal powders.

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