Siarn Por Phu Ruesi Saming Prai Nuea Nava Loha Khom Pan Pi Wai Kroo 2549 BE Luang Phu Ka Long Wat Khao Laem

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Por Phu Ruesi Por Gae Ta Fai Phu Jao Saming Prai Taw Himawat Fire-Eye Lersi amulet, in Nuea Samrit Khom Pan Pi 1000 year old Khmer artifact metallic alloy by Famous Master Monk - Luang Phu Ka Long, of Wat Khao Laem.with casing included. Released in the 2549 BE Wai Kroo Ceremony to the 108 Lersi Hermit Gods. Made from nine admixtures of smelted ancient Khmer Sacred Artifacts and Statues. The amulet is forged with the face of Por Gae Lersi Ta Fai fire eye Ruesi bit represents also Luang Phu Ka Long's mentor Phu Ruesi Hnaa Suea tiger face ruesi, one of the three most powerful animal faced Ruesi.

Free registered airmail shipping worldwide is included with this amulet. weights will not be calculated.Made from an alchemically forged mixture of sacred metals from smelted statues and artifacts of the Khom era over 1000 years ago, Luang Phu spent a whole year bvlessing the amulets nightly before final; empowerment in Wai Kroo of the year 2549 BE. Now an extremely rare Amulet from the great master of Wat Khao Laem. This immensely beautiful and powerful amulet from the Deceased master with the crystal tooth in the roof of his mouth, has now become an essential rarity immensely sought after by Devotees and speculative collectors alike, and is in every case an internationally accepted Master-Class Amulet, and a great classic of amulet making history.

Luang Phu Ka Long was famous for two miraculous stories, the first being his meeting with Phu Jao Saming Prai Lersi, and the second being the fact that he had a crystal tooth in the roof of his mouth, which he used to touch with one finger, and then use the finger to touch the amulet he was blessing. He gained the fame of being empowered with the powers of Hanuman due to the fact that Hanuman himself was said to have a crystal tooth in the roof of his mouth.

It was the Lersi Phu Jao Saming Prai, in form of tiger face, who appeared to Luang Phu Ka Long as he meditated in the forest, and showed him some hidden Gold Buddha statues, which he said that Himself and Phu Ka Long (in a previous life), had buried together hundreds of years ago as they were both practising Monks and also Ruesi Magicians.

For this reason, the metallic amulets of Luang Phu are extremely preferred from this edition, due to the fact that they contain ancient Khmer statues which were smelted into the metallic alchemical metal substance for the amulets. LP Ka Long became extremely famous when news got out of his crystalline tooth (Khiaw Gaew) in the roof of his mouth, just as Hanuman has in the Ramakian Epic.

Luang Phu Ka Long has held an ongoing relationship with this presence, and has made many amulets in conjunction with the help and collaboration of this Deity, who is karmically intertwined with Luang Phu Ka Long since previous lifetimes.

Below; on the top right edge of rear face is the limited edition series number 338 of 1,999 amulets made, as authenticity stamp.

The rear face of the amulet has Khom Agkhara Yantra spell embossed on it, written in sacred Agkhara Khom Lettering including the turning and evocation of the four elements, and the Sacred Na of the Heart of the Tiger, amongst other thing. The amulet is as are all amulets of the deceased master of wat khao laem, an immensely sought after amulet, and immensely rare, as being from one of the early editions (2549), in Wai Kroo, and is made from extremely sacred artefacts and substances. The Lersi, or also known as 'Ruesi', are the holders of the Great Kampira Grimoires, and Magical Wicha of the Dtamra Saiywaet, and are the Root Guru Masters of the Magical Tradition in Buddhist Thailand. Lersi Deva Hermit Gods are Revered in Thailand under the Name 'Por Gae'. Por Gae defends these 'Wicha' etheral knowledges from both the ignorant who wish to destroy them, as well as the ignorant not ready to learn them.

All of the Lersi command respect and give knowledge to those ready to accept the power that comes with the Lersi Path. Worshipping the Ruesi brings a full range of blessings and protective magic of the Boroma Kroo and the Immense Power and Protection of the 108 Ruesi Hermit Sages. Kong Grapan, Klaew Kaad, Gae Aathan, Gan Kun Sai, Choke Lap, Kaa Khaay, Metta Mahaniyom, Serm Duang, Maha Sanaeh.

All of these blessings are given with the practice of revering and following the Ruesi Devas. It requires somewhat more effort to practice revering the Ruesi, because the practice of Revering Ruesi is a regular applied practice and you must think that the Ruesi are always with you, and that one lives and behaves as a Looksit of the Ruesi Boroma Kroo Por Gae. To Bucha the Ruesi brings Protection from physical and magical dangers (black magic) having Kong Grapan, Maha Ud and Klaew Klaad Properties, and Gae Aathan (remove Black Magic), Gan Phii (scare Ghosts away), Metta Mahaniyom (great preference and popularity), Maha Sanaeh (charm and hypnotic effect, attraction to the opposite sex).

Serm Duang (invoke an auspicious fate and destiny, horoscope). Most traditional Lersi respect the Pantheon of Higher Beings according to the Brahmin tradition. Namely; Lord Brahma Shiva and Vishnu. Most Lersi practice the development of power and evocation/invocation(Peng Kasin). The word ‘Peng’, means in principle, to “stare”, but in this case, it really means to insert, or transform matter or substance, whether it be physical element, or a spiritual element.

There are many different types and classifications of Lersi Thai Hermits, who are believed to exist on differing levels/worlds. The most animal headed Lersi are classified as “Lersi Chan Taep”, meaning “Angelic” or “Divine” level Lersi Hermit. Bucha to this Ruesi Kroo Deva amulet is Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Sanaeh towards the opposite Sex, good for seeking employment, and advance in the profession, with the aid of the power of Lord Phu Jao Saming Prai, the Tiger Faced Ruesi of Amnaj (Commanding Power). Status, protection from Black Magic.

Phu Jao Saming Prai is said also to help in your Meditation practice is always part of the qualities of all Ruesi Deity amulets, making this a Maha Sanaeh charm which doubles with the backup of the power of a High Deva level Ruesi Deity powering the Magic within the amulet. A Great All Rounder with Specific Maha Sanaeh extra effect. Hand made in True Ancient style, preserving Ancient Wicha and the Ancient Method of Amulet making, for Future Generations to Enjoy their benefits and blessings, and to Preserve the Dharma for the Coming Ages.

The Kata (mantra) for Ruesi Hnaa Suea (tiger head ruesi) is as follows;

Oem Rue Reur (Leu-Leur if you like), Mahaa Rue Raa Payakkae Payakkoe

Ittirittae Ittirittoe Sirae Sirae Kuroe Kuroe Yaadoe Bpen Man Naa Ham

Guu Diar Bang Giar Doer Doer

Alternatively, or in addition;

Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume

Tudtiyambpi Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume

Dtadtiyambpi Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume

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If you are a Looksit (disciple) of the Lersi, then you should never use your charm to take advantage of others or to trick and deceive people with, as this will be detrimental to the continued lineage of the tradition, and will cause the Devas to depart from the Human realm, especially as far as being present with ceremonies in reverence to the Lersi are concerned. The purity of practice of the Master of the Samnak, and his Disciples, will affect how powerful a Wai Kroo Ceremony is.

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