Somdej Ongk Pathom 1st Edition - Sacred Bronze with Kammathana Powders, Pratat Relic, Gemstone and Monks Hair in Base - LP Phad Wat Rai 2554 BE

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Somdej Ongk Pathom - Nuea Loha Pasom Ud Pong Kammathan Fang Pli Pratat Gesa - Loi Ongk Buddha Image Statuette

Funds from this Edition were for necessary restorations within the Temple enclave, which were in dire need of repair. This Loi Ongk Statuette depicts the Image of the Lord Buddha sat in Meditation.The Lotus Throne of the Buddha is decorated with the Banjavakee (Five Arahants).

A pair of Deer are seated facing each other on the rear side of the base. All Buddhists are accustomed to the symbol of the deer with the Dhamma Wheel, but not all Buddhists know the true symbolism and meanings behing the deer, and the number of spokes that may be found inside a Dhamma Wheel. "At the time when the Buddha Gave his First sermon to the Five Disciples, a herd of gold coloured Ruru (deer) living nearby came to listen to the teaching. Legend says that this herd of deer were an emanation of bodhisattvas. The inclusion of the two deer with the wheel of Dharma is very significant because it was not only the five mendicants who heard the first sermon. This also helps to preserve the historical fact of the location where the Buddha taught the first sermon. The place was a resort of the seers (drang srong gi nags), known as ‘Risipatana' in Sanskrit. Because the place where the Buddha gave the first sermon was a deer park, to this day the deer park is preserved adjacent to the sacred ancient ruins in Sarnath"abhis.

A masterpiece of 'Puttasin' (Buddhist Art), which is extremely well detailed with deep clear relief. The Satuette is made from Nuea Loha Pasom, a mixture of iron, bronze, old Pra Kring and other metal amulets from previous editioins, and Sacred Yantra Foils. A Dharma Wheel is also to be found with the two deer. Code stamp is embossed on the side of the base.

Magical Blessings (Siri Mongkol); Improves the Quality of life, Happiness, Profession. Can be used to call upon the power of the Purity of the Buddha to clean and banish all negativity and inauspicious influences. Is also a very useful amulet to place between the palms, raise to forehead and ask for successful 'Samadhi', to achive higher attainments and get further in Meditation and Vipassana Kammathana Practice. The Kammathana Powders embedded within the interior of the Image are ideal for this Purpose.

The Image is designed in the style of Bodhgaya, in the Meditation Posture. The Image is directly fashioned after the Large Buddha Statue at the Temple of Wat Rai, which Luang Phu Phad built as he taught Kammathana Practices over 50 years Ago.

The base of the statue is filled with Sacred Kammathana Powders, hair from Luang Pho Phad, Buddhist relics, and Gemstone. The type of Gemstone and color can vary with each amulet, as shown in the two example images above and below.

Various Gemstone Inserts were used, resulting in each Statuette being different

A few Years ago, a large group of Devotees of Luang Por Ruesi Ling Dam (Wat Ta Sung) were visiting Wat Rai, and payed Reverence to the Large Somdej Ongk Pathom Buddha. They then asked if they could rent amulets of the statue. So many people would aks this as time passed, that the then Abbot, Luang Na La-Or gave permission to commission the making of small Miniature Statuettes of the Statue.

Size; 4 Cm High x 2 Cm Wide x 1.5 Cm Deep

A Most Auspicious Pure Buddhist Amulet that inspires ones Practice, Meditation, precepts, Protects and Lends Auspicious Influence to the Karmic Environment. Anyone who loves, studies, practices the Dhamma and the Teachings of the Lord Buddha, could do no better than this amulet for an Inspiration for Life, and a Valuable Protector, Emanating Blessings, Dispelling Hate, Attracting Metta.

Released in 2554 BE in its First Edition. We can expect this amulet to definitely one day enter the annals of History as a Classic Amulet, along with most of LP Phad's amulets which are being ever more favored collected and valused within the Thai Amulet scene. We at Thailand Amulets believe Strongly in his Amulets, and that they will stand the test of Time, and Usage by the Devotee. Comes in Original Box from the Temple.

Luang Por Phad's Psychic Powers and Jhanic Empowerment is known for its Intensity and Power, which when combined with the high quality amulets, fulfill both the unworldly task of Sppiritual and Miraculous Blessings, as well as the Worldly Task of Satisfying Aesthetic Tastes. This Edition hit the National Newspapers when it was released, for its Importance as a Buddhist Amulet.

Note; Gemstones (in the base) may differ in color with each amulet. Contact us first if you wish to inquire which color stones we may have in stock.

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